Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crafty Monday..

It's been like ages since this happened.. I know I have been a very lazy person lately!!! But let's leave that aside for now!!! 

I’m so glad that my new office colleague invited me to her place for crafting..  YES.. I got some new friends, let me call them Mars and Kris… I have never done anything CRAFTY other than beading bracelets and earrings with my then 6 years old niece (I miss you sweety.. *sighs*).. So, when Mars asked me about crafting, I really didn’t know what to say.. Obviously they must have done much more than me.. No doubts!! So, I was hesitant in the beginning..  But, inspired and scared at the same time, got few beads from Walmart.. I was excited, ofcourse… Being in a crafting session with ‘experts’ who are older than my niece thrilled me.. 

While I was in TX, there used to be many Friday evenings (almost all) when Nims and I used to break our head thinking what to do to keep us active.. We would then go to Starbucks to sharpen our minds (read: to find a way to spend the Friday evening).. Eventually after hours of drinking one Mocha Frappucino, we would drive all the way to some restaurant far far away to have some food and end up watching some crazy movie!!! *thinks of all those funny days and sighs*   Nims... We must have tried our hands on this... hmmm... Why didn't we even think of this.... Should we blame Starbucks coffee that blocked our crafty part of brains... :) Oh.. Ok... Now, getting back to Crafty Session...

Went to Mars place and it was beautiful.. Garden, plants in her kitchen, her Gazpacho with basil and parsley (the taste still lingers in my mouth), Kris’s bread and watermelon (darn it!! I forgot the sweet I bought.. *feels guilty*) all set for beading.. Met Mars husband.. A very sweet lovely couple… Then we spoke as we engaged ourselves in crafting… I completed mine first… My house is not very far from Mars place, but with unpredictable crazy traffic I didn’t want to risk.. So left around 8ish… And came home and was all excited about the bracelet I made.. Sel was all ears to listen to my stories about beading… Look at the bracelet I made.. Isn’t it enough for me to brag about till our next crafting session…!!