Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year thoughts

Tomorrow is the new year's day - beginning of year 2010.. I'm glad that it is here finally as people keep saying that "Things will work out in the coming new year", "You will get the job you always wanted in this coming year becoz your jadhagam(translated as 'horoscope') looks good" (Courtesy - Amma's Exclusive Astrology magazine report)..

Looking at the major happenings in the past year - First thing is that I got married to the love of my life in May - after a long wait (of almost 6 years) - This is a very important date not only for the year 2009 but for the rest of my life.. Second thing being my resignation at Weber to start a wonderful life in NJ with my love.. I still miss my dear friends at Weber.. We used to spend so much time together everyday - talking about every other freakin thing, pulling each others legs, singing, dancing, fighting, laughing, teasing others. Moving away from them was a very difficult thing for me.. I miss all the fun we had.. I am sure they do too...But, we always update each others on "whats goin on" with our lives - so, it really feels like we are all a very happy family together - though we are miles apart. Thanks to all the electronic gadgets that play a major role in all our lives..

To start with the LIFE-AFTER-My MOVE-TO-NJ, Life has been amazing from the time I moved to NJ.. My hubby has always made sure that I get what I want and that I am happy with what I have... So, I never run into any trouble getting things done.. ;) He is a lovable, adorable, enjoyable sweetie pie .. My only prayer to God everyday is to Bestow every happiness in the world on him.
Enuf said about my hubby..:)
Coming back to the part of my LIFE-AFTER-My MOVE-TO-NJ, Though I am still looking for jobs, I really enjoy this time-off by - trying my hand on different cuisines (my hubby volunteered to be my sweet guinea pig - not that he was given any other choices)..:) , cleaning the house, playing Wii, working out at gym, taking pictures for competitions, orkut-ing & facebook-ing to get back in touch with my old buddies, staring at the window when its really cold to see how people go out to work in such a harsh winter weather & feel pity for them (Is that why I am not offered a job yet, hmmmm - gotto change my attitude towards this cold weather!!!).. Goshhhh.. Didn't know that I can do so many things in a day when I was working.. Everyone deserves a break like this..:)

One and only thing that scared me on the very thought of moving to NJ is the Cold winter.. I am getting used to this cold weather, I guess.. I saw people staring at me in the morning, on my way back from gym with just a thin fleece to protect me from the cold.. Yahoooo!!! I overcame the one and only fear I had about moving to NJ.... Now, I am free to go out wherever I want to irrespective of the weather conditions - Cold weather isn't a barrier anymore..:)

Putting everything together, I am glad that I made a wise decision of moving to my hubby's place after marriage. I really don't understand why and how husband and wife live in different places - miles apart, after marriage.. Is it just the career interests? What happens after 5 years or 10 years, when they realize that they missed all the lovely moments of being in a family life together!!! hmmmmm..... BUT, things work differently for different people.. So, I will stop my analysis and speculations right here.

Its time for me to get ready for the New Year's eve...
Hope the new year brings in joy to everyone in the world...

As the new year unfolds, I hope it brings happiness, beautiful moments and sweet surprises to everyone - to cherish forever...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherlock Holmes....

Mr. Holmes is THE DETECTIVE of EVER..
Without any CSI assistants helping him with DNA samples or Photos of crime scene or CT Scan of the injured or whatever-the-new-technology is to find the killer, he does everything with his sharp senses.. And, I got to tell you that Mr. Downey Jr and Mr. Law have done an awesome job in the movie.. They gave life to the characters.. Nothing in the movie is left for assumption.. Anything and everything has been explained to the point where one cannot have any questions when he/she leaves the theatre..

Being Downey Jr's fan, I can't wait for Iron Man 2 to hit the theatres..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

First blog..

I have been thinking about creating a blog for quite some time and today I created an ID for it.

I just wanted to digitally scribble my thoughts in a place where I can pen down everything I wanted to express (in addition to what I express to my husband).. Hope to get some new experiences through blogging..