Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wonderful memories in my life..

There are few things or few people or few incidents or few places that I would like to remember for the rest of my life.. Some are my favorite, though I haven't seen them... or haven't spoken to them... or haven't experienced how it feels... I just wanted to see what comes to my mind when I think of numbers.. Well, I am very much surprised and glad the way the list has turned up with wonderful memories..

Here's the list!!!

1 Person who means everything to me and who loves me a lot and whom I love the most:

2 people who care a lot about me:
Mom, Dad

3 important dates to remember:
Jan 8, May 28, Nov 29

4 food items I can eat at any time:
Parotta, Mysore pak, Rasmalai, Chilli Pakoda

5 most wonderful unforgettable moments in my life (in the order it happened):
When I used to share my hostel life stories with my brother
When Sel and I realized that we can't live without each other
When my cute little niece hugged me for the first time
When Sel and I got married
When I talk to my folks about every single thing(everyday) and the happiness that spreads within me that my loved ones are there, no matter what, to listen to all the crap!!!

6 teachers who taught me something:
My mom (she taught me to HOPE for better things)
Elizabeth (she taught me to have a LITTLE FUN in everything I do)
Raghu (he taught me how to STAY AWAKE when someone talks to you about some boring stuff - yeah, he taught me Engineering Mechanics during my undergrad!!!)
Kim (he taught me that any problem can be solved with the PROPER UNDERSTANDING of the problem itself)
Kumz (he taught me PATIENCE .. Gosh!!! This guy has loads of it..)

7 activities I would like to try my hand on:
Interior decoration, Photography, Guitar, Painting, Ice-skating, Snorkeling/scuba diving, Be a detective (STOP!!! I know you are giggling.. But I have lots of experience watching all thriller movies..:))

8 places I would like to visit:
Taj Mahal (India), Amazon Forest (South America), Alps (Switzerland), St. Peter's (Vatican City), Colosseum & Venice (Italy), Louvre Museum (Paris), Sydney (Australia), Great Wall of China

9 Friends to share and care (Though Sel is my # 1 Best Friend, I have given him enough credits already!!!! So, lets focus on others..:))
My mom, Kumz, Ashu, Dubs, Nims, Soums, Viji, Rams, Maks

10 Minutes everyday - To thank god for all that he has given me..
He hasn't always given me what I wanted, but he has given me enough strength, confidence, hope, wisdom and love that is needed to get what I want..

Now, after making this list - I just had to say, "VOWWWWW.. I'm so glad I worked on this list"... Isn't that a great feeling?... 10 years from now, when I look back, I know that I will have tons and tons of wonderful, sweet and beautiful memories to write down.. But, It's a great practice to thank everyone / everything once in a while for their involvement in your life. So, here is a THANK YOU for everyone / everything for giving me these wonderful memories to cherish forever...

List down your favorite 10 and see where it takes you... It should take you down the memory lane of wonderful years.. Feel free to share it with me..

Happy listing..:))

Monday, January 25, 2010


It is pouring outside but still, I went to gym today morning... And I worked out real good.. Isn't that great!!! I got to treat myself for this..:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ice-skating experience.:)

I have been wanting to ice-skate for a very long time. While in Texas, I was lucky to have indoor ice-rinks but not lucky enough as I didn't find any free time to go there. In NJ, I haven't seen any indoor rinks. So, as always, got to wait for the weather to go out for skating. We have been planning on going for skating and skiing for almost 3 months - from the time these rink centers issued posters that they are going to open the rinks!!!.. Finally got a chance to go for skating on Saturday with my hubby (OK!!! I have used the word "HUBBY" so many times, so from now on I am gonna use his name - which is "Sel") and our common friend, Ganesh (who really knows how to skate). I was so excited to try my hands (actually legs!!! :) ) on skating.. Got into the skating shoes - all set and as soon as I entered the rink - OOPS!!! It was so slippery that I thought am gonna make a grand opening by falling down and pushing the person in front of me.. But nothing like that happened.. I was holding the side rail and was literally taking baby steps with those huge shoes..

It happened during the completion of second round.. I wasn't holding the side rail but Sel's hands instead.. I was trying to take the next step and things went vrroooommm... Sel was asking me to get up and our friend was advising on how to get up from the rink.. It was then I realized that I hit the ground.. Well, to be honest it wasn't that bad (atleast for that moment!!!)

Sel skated like a pro.. Though this was his second time, he tried his level best to skate without holding the side rail and got to say that he was very successful (not to mention that he hit the ground the maximum number of times during his wonderful skating show).. Ganesh was just amazing.. He did it perfectly - I mean without hitting the ground :)

Then I came out of the rink as my knees started hurting.. I wanted to spend more time in rink, but just didn't want to kiss the ground again..:) Sel was reluctant to come out of the rink as he was doing a real good job with his skate shoes!!!

After like an hour or so, we came home.. Too tired when we reached home but felt very happy as we did something totally different today!!! oohhooooooo....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday movie..

Last week I watched "The Shawshank Redemption".. Wasn't a great title - so was hesitant to watch it. But somehow started watching it as we didn't have anything better to do on a Sunday evening..:) It is really true that we shouldn't be judging a book by its cover. I guess the main objective of the movie is to feed the viewers with HOPE. Hope to look for something better in our wonderful life, all the time, irrespective of what the current scenario is.. Actors in the movie were at their best. Movie was loaded with unexpected events, twists and turns.. Not even close to a normal movie, I would say..

I didn't expect Tim Robbins (Hero of the movie!!) to escape through a small hole from his prison cell. Surprising factor is that he uses a very small tool to get out of the prison (he uses the tool to dig a hole on the wall just to fit a person of his size). Evidently that proved his perseverance to escape in an attempt to get back to his life without bars - ofcourse with an extensive amount of smartness (he gets posters from his co-prisoner to cover up the hole).

Not many movies leave us with a positive attitude after watching them. This movie for sure is a movie that makes you feel very positive about things around you.. It really makes you appreciate the things that you have.. Not many movies motivate you.. But this movie, for sure, motivated me to make sure that my hopes are always high - no matter what.. Hats off to the director!!! Awesome storyline and a MUST watch movie..

God.. I love my life!!! It takes someone or something, from time to time, to make you realize how lucky you are and how grateful you should be for the life you live.. hmmmm.. Wonderful isn't it!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Over the last week...

Last week was really hectic. Did it really have only 7 days, I doubt it!!!!
OK.. It was my hubby's birthday on Friday and I was really busy planning on surprises for him.. A sweet surprise party - with his friends, a wonderful - delicious chocolate cake, a video with birthday wishes from our friends and an awesome dinner (because I prepared it.:))..

On his birthday, we just went out to enjoy the nice cold weather (yeah. right!!!)...Don't really know what we did from morning but was really tired by the time we came home.. I was just trying to sneak in and sleep for some time.. No luck with that though!!! :)

As I had planned for a Limo ride that evening (ofcourse as a surprise treat), we were getting ready (but he didn't have any clue about whereabouts !!)..Then came the limo.. I had to inform the limo driver about the surprise.. I hid inside the limo and from the look on his face, it was crystal clear that he was surprised to see a limo waiting for him.. His sparkling eyes showed the excitement that he was about to share.. That moment really proved that everything was worth it.. Then for the entire 3 hours - with just one stop for our dinner, we enjoyed our limo ride in NYC. We really liked NYC view from the limo..

By the time we came home, we were so tired.. My husband thanked me for the wonderful day. It gave me all the happiness in the world - just because he enjoyed it as much as he had mentioned.. Slept well that night - guess it's the tiredness from the entire week's hard work in hiding all the surprises.. the satisfaction that everything worked out so well also adds up to it.. Thank God for the wonderful week and for making it a very successful one..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year Resolutions!!!

New year has to be accompanied by the "resolutions".. I, till date, never understood the Secret behind people waiting till new year to make their resolutions, but I used to be a part of the team every year. :)

As it is the trend, I didn't want to break that one. So, was thinking about the new year resolutions and ended up in nothing. i mean NOTHING!!! Usually my new year resolution will be to eat less and reduce weight (yep.. its hard to believe, but that has been my new year resolution for almost 6 years..Very consistent).. This year just thought of doing something but the usual diet-weight resolution stuff. As we assumed that the shops will be closed for the new year, I was browsing my old emails to delete the unwanted junk emails occupying extra space (yep.. Believe me when I say I have way tooo much time). During the process, I opened an email from my old friend which had an attachment (it was attached along with her other emails and it went unnoticed) - here is the storyline, "two friends go to a restaurant before hitting the theaters on a Friday evening.. they order 4-5 different varieties of food. Even before completing their first plate, they receive a call and they leave their plates unfinished.. Restaurant people trash their foods.. When the restaurant is about to close, a guy gets into the kitchen and takes away all the filled trash bags. He then drives his tricycle to a place and shares the food with a group of kids and his family "

While here, I am thinking what to make for dinner and confused as in what to have for dessert - whether to go for tiramisu or german chocolate, there are few thousands sleeping at night with empty stomach!!! it really shook me when I watched the video. So, decided to do my part - not to waste any food from now on!!! hmmm.. a thought that made me feel good.

Then comes the second enlightenment!! My hubby and I went out on new year evening and we went to a restaurant. I somehow like eating outside food. Though it gets expensive at times, I always consoled myself saying that I am kinda helping the restaurant guys by paying some money for the service and doing my part for the economy (yeah. right!!!).. But this time, when I was in the restaurant, I was looking at the crowd. Then the thought came to my mind, "Will it really have any effect if I stop eating outside!!!". Though its really difficult to stop eating outside food altogether (common!!! gotto have some mercy on me), I decided to reduce the frequency of eating outside..

Lets see how things are gonna work out with the resolutions... Atleast I decided on something different than usual ... Hurray!!!!