Monday, January 11, 2010

Over the last week...

Last week was really hectic. Did it really have only 7 days, I doubt it!!!!
OK.. It was my hubby's birthday on Friday and I was really busy planning on surprises for him.. A sweet surprise party - with his friends, a wonderful - delicious chocolate cake, a video with birthday wishes from our friends and an awesome dinner (because I prepared it.:))..

On his birthday, we just went out to enjoy the nice cold weather (yeah. right!!!)...Don't really know what we did from morning but was really tired by the time we came home.. I was just trying to sneak in and sleep for some time.. No luck with that though!!! :)

As I had planned for a Limo ride that evening (ofcourse as a surprise treat), we were getting ready (but he didn't have any clue about whereabouts !!)..Then came the limo.. I had to inform the limo driver about the surprise.. I hid inside the limo and from the look on his face, it was crystal clear that he was surprised to see a limo waiting for him.. His sparkling eyes showed the excitement that he was about to share.. That moment really proved that everything was worth it.. Then for the entire 3 hours - with just one stop for our dinner, we enjoyed our limo ride in NYC. We really liked NYC view from the limo..

By the time we came home, we were so tired.. My husband thanked me for the wonderful day. It gave me all the happiness in the world - just because he enjoyed it as much as he had mentioned.. Slept well that night - guess it's the tiredness from the entire week's hard work in hiding all the surprises.. the satisfaction that everything worked out so well also adds up to it.. Thank God for the wonderful week and for making it a very successful one..

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