Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wonderful memories in my life..

There are few things or few people or few incidents or few places that I would like to remember for the rest of my life.. Some are my favorite, though I haven't seen them... or haven't spoken to them... or haven't experienced how it feels... I just wanted to see what comes to my mind when I think of numbers.. Well, I am very much surprised and glad the way the list has turned up with wonderful memories..

Here's the list!!!

1 Person who means everything to me and who loves me a lot and whom I love the most:

2 people who care a lot about me:
Mom, Dad

3 important dates to remember:
Jan 8, May 28, Nov 29

4 food items I can eat at any time:
Parotta, Mysore pak, Rasmalai, Chilli Pakoda

5 most wonderful unforgettable moments in my life (in the order it happened):
When I used to share my hostel life stories with my brother
When Sel and I realized that we can't live without each other
When my cute little niece hugged me for the first time
When Sel and I got married
When I talk to my folks about every single thing(everyday) and the happiness that spreads within me that my loved ones are there, no matter what, to listen to all the crap!!!

6 teachers who taught me something:
My mom (she taught me to HOPE for better things)
Elizabeth (she taught me to have a LITTLE FUN in everything I do)
Raghu (he taught me how to STAY AWAKE when someone talks to you about some boring stuff - yeah, he taught me Engineering Mechanics during my undergrad!!!)
Kim (he taught me that any problem can be solved with the PROPER UNDERSTANDING of the problem itself)
Kumz (he taught me PATIENCE .. Gosh!!! This guy has loads of it..)

7 activities I would like to try my hand on:
Interior decoration, Photography, Guitar, Painting, Ice-skating, Snorkeling/scuba diving, Be a detective (STOP!!! I know you are giggling.. But I have lots of experience watching all thriller movies..:))

8 places I would like to visit:
Taj Mahal (India), Amazon Forest (South America), Alps (Switzerland), St. Peter's (Vatican City), Colosseum & Venice (Italy), Louvre Museum (Paris), Sydney (Australia), Great Wall of China

9 Friends to share and care (Though Sel is my # 1 Best Friend, I have given him enough credits already!!!! So, lets focus on others..:))
My mom, Kumz, Ashu, Dubs, Nims, Soums, Viji, Rams, Maks

10 Minutes everyday - To thank god for all that he has given me..
He hasn't always given me what I wanted, but he has given me enough strength, confidence, hope, wisdom and love that is needed to get what I want..

Now, after making this list - I just had to say, "VOWWWWW.. I'm so glad I worked on this list"... Isn't that a great feeling?... 10 years from now, when I look back, I know that I will have tons and tons of wonderful, sweet and beautiful memories to write down.. But, It's a great practice to thank everyone / everything once in a while for their involvement in your life. So, here is a THANK YOU for everyone / everything for giving me these wonderful memories to cherish forever...

List down your favorite 10 and see where it takes you... It should take you down the memory lane of wonderful years.. Feel free to share it with me..

Happy listing..:))


  1. Wait a min. When you said "teachers that taught ya stuff". I mean where the heck am I? Havent I taught you anything? You are in this world because of a reason and the reason is I taught you how to live your life!!! Anyways, nice post though. Guess I will as well have to do the same. As you say it will make me feel better.