Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year Resolutions!!!

New year has to be accompanied by the "resolutions".. I, till date, never understood the Secret behind people waiting till new year to make their resolutions, but I used to be a part of the team every year. :)

As it is the trend, I didn't want to break that one. So, was thinking about the new year resolutions and ended up in nothing. i mean NOTHING!!! Usually my new year resolution will be to eat less and reduce weight (yep.. its hard to believe, but that has been my new year resolution for almost 6 years..Very consistent).. This year just thought of doing something but the usual diet-weight resolution stuff. As we assumed that the shops will be closed for the new year, I was browsing my old emails to delete the unwanted junk emails occupying extra space (yep.. Believe me when I say I have way tooo much time). During the process, I opened an email from my old friend which had an attachment (it was attached along with her other emails and it went unnoticed) - here is the storyline, "two friends go to a restaurant before hitting the theaters on a Friday evening.. they order 4-5 different varieties of food. Even before completing their first plate, they receive a call and they leave their plates unfinished.. Restaurant people trash their foods.. When the restaurant is about to close, a guy gets into the kitchen and takes away all the filled trash bags. He then drives his tricycle to a place and shares the food with a group of kids and his family "

While here, I am thinking what to make for dinner and confused as in what to have for dessert - whether to go for tiramisu or german chocolate, there are few thousands sleeping at night with empty stomach!!! it really shook me when I watched the video. So, decided to do my part - not to waste any food from now on!!! hmmm.. a thought that made me feel good.

Then comes the second enlightenment!! My hubby and I went out on new year evening and we went to a restaurant. I somehow like eating outside food. Though it gets expensive at times, I always consoled myself saying that I am kinda helping the restaurant guys by paying some money for the service and doing my part for the economy (yeah. right!!!).. But this time, when I was in the restaurant, I was looking at the crowd. Then the thought came to my mind, "Will it really have any effect if I stop eating outside!!!". Though its really difficult to stop eating outside food altogether (common!!! gotto have some mercy on me), I decided to reduce the frequency of eating outside..

Lets see how things are gonna work out with the resolutions... Atleast I decided on something different than usual ... Hurray!!!!

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  1. geeths amazing resolution!!!
    u deserve a big round of applause..:-))