Monday, January 18, 2010

Ice-skating experience.:)

I have been wanting to ice-skate for a very long time. While in Texas, I was lucky to have indoor ice-rinks but not lucky enough as I didn't find any free time to go there. In NJ, I haven't seen any indoor rinks. So, as always, got to wait for the weather to go out for skating. We have been planning on going for skating and skiing for almost 3 months - from the time these rink centers issued posters that they are going to open the rinks!!!.. Finally got a chance to go for skating on Saturday with my hubby (OK!!! I have used the word "HUBBY" so many times, so from now on I am gonna use his name - which is "Sel") and our common friend, Ganesh (who really knows how to skate). I was so excited to try my hands (actually legs!!! :) ) on skating.. Got into the skating shoes - all set and as soon as I entered the rink - OOPS!!! It was so slippery that I thought am gonna make a grand opening by falling down and pushing the person in front of me.. But nothing like that happened.. I was holding the side rail and was literally taking baby steps with those huge shoes..

It happened during the completion of second round.. I wasn't holding the side rail but Sel's hands instead.. I was trying to take the next step and things went vrroooommm... Sel was asking me to get up and our friend was advising on how to get up from the rink.. It was then I realized that I hit the ground.. Well, to be honest it wasn't that bad (atleast for that moment!!!)

Sel skated like a pro.. Though this was his second time, he tried his level best to skate without holding the side rail and got to say that he was very successful (not to mention that he hit the ground the maximum number of times during his wonderful skating show).. Ganesh was just amazing.. He did it perfectly - I mean without hitting the ground :)

Then I came out of the rink as my knees started hurting.. I wanted to spend more time in rink, but just didn't want to kiss the ground again..:) Sel was reluctant to come out of the rink as he was doing a real good job with his skate shoes!!!

After like an hour or so, we came home.. Too tired when we reached home but felt very happy as we did something totally different today!!! oohhooooooo....


  1. I taught ya so much here in Dallas how to skate. How can you forget?? Friggin..