Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yayyyy!!!… My little munchkin turned 2 today. I pinched myself a couple of times to believe what I just wrote!
2 years… Sel & I have seen, heard, googled, studied, so many things…
Anyhoo… trust me.this post is not to show off how great Sid has been for the past 2 years… he has taken enough share in our lives already… so I just want to put up what I thought about these 2 years being a parent. Even pampers brand agrees with me and sent me an email today saying: Celebrate yourself on your child's birthday. Take pride in the wonderful little person you're raising and in all the hard work you've put in over the past two years. Now, That’s what I’m talking about.
I thought parenthood is easy peesy.  kids sleep through the night from day 1. Kids eat whatever foods you give them. it’s easy to discipline them at this young age. Nope.. Nope and Nope… it’s not that easy. But hey, I’m glad things turned out ok…
I have never thought that being a mom needs so much patience and skillsets… I always thought my mom was born with such qualities and having me or my brother didn’t change a thing.. silly me! *slaps forehead*.  As a kid, I was always let to believe that you get what you want… but oh boy!! Trying to keep your cool when things go awry is the worst task in the entire world. And being a person who has never had so much patience in my life, it took a toll on me. But I guess I am doing just fine. Because I haven’t seen or heard him complain about it (at least not yet!).
Having a kid certainly changes everything… Being a mom, brings back so many of my childhood memories. it makes me think for a moment there, Will my parents react the same way.  It’s mystifying, how did my mom and dad do it… how did they put up with my silly activities. How come I have never seen them yell at me? How come I have never seen them lose their cool?  How come they never said no to any of the requests… how come my mom made 3 course meals every day? How did she get up early in the mornings while she was the last one to sleep the night before? How did my dad ride his bicycle in those crazy rush hours after a long day at work to pick me up after school?  How come he has never shown me how tired he was after such a long ride how come my mom never showed me any of her office work frustration or the stress? So there are so many how comes and how did they do it questions lingering in my head..
I don’t know if I will always have patience like them… But I’m learning and will always learn from them. It’s a long road from here.
Little munchkin is speaking now. He watches oodles of Geoge episodes (read: Curious George)… he wants to see Baanny (read: Barney). He wants to fly like an airplane. He wants to cimb (read: Climb) on small boxes… *bliss*
Our lives have been revolving on his wants, needs, smiles, tears… and it is one crazy ride. But Sel and I love every nano bit of it. Because, before we know, he will grow up to a handsome person with a wonderful heart, lovely smile and have his own dream-come-true life.
So, Happy Birthday Munchkin. There is no way in the world for me to tell you that I love you more than I did yesterday.. because my heart keeps telling me that my love for you has reached its infinite limit already… So, Love you as always. Bless you..

Mama & Papa