Saturday, June 16, 2012

To the love of my life and apple of my son's eye!!

I know... i know it sounds silly. but that's true.

Now, i have heard all these years that an infant while growing up says, "amma" (translates to 'Mom', in my native language).. But my little one started with 'Dadda' and now has progressed to 'Daddy'.. But nowhere near amma (except when he cries and i wouldnt even consider that as a single word).. 

Little did I know about Dad-Son relationship.. I was pleasantly surprised when Sid gave me the phone asking me to call Daddy... Well.. I thought to myself.. "My little munchkin is taking sides already!!"

The way he calls his 'Daddddyyy', one zillion times a day, is mesmerizing... makes me forget what a big troublemaker he is.. But that shows how special Sel is to Sid.. and my words on this page wouldn't do any justice in explaining how much Sel loves Sid and how well he takes care of him..

Sel has done everything for Sid, just like any dad.. has fed him. . changed him.. rocked him.. he for sure must have crossed over a million hits in 'google' website to learn about different infant / toddler stages and what should be the color of poop at 4 months and why is there a dry patch behind his elbows and why hasn't he slept through the night and why.. why.. why.. This page isn't sufficient to list his 'google search hits!! that crazy is he..

but what makes him so special is.... hmmm..... let me think.... Well... I can't pinpoint anything in particular.. but  "EVERYTHING"... YES.... ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that he does for Sid... with so much love and dedication and carefulness is what makes him the BEST DAD...

Anything he does for Sid or Sid related stuff is meticulous... nothing like, 'oh.. well. we have been doing this for Sid for the past couple of months... it's so easy'... NOPE... that's not how it works between them... everytime, it's the same thing with different level of carefulness.. he will carry out the activity the same way he did when he started the whole "Daddyhood"... He, for many, may appear as if is working with the whole lotta experience and will little efforts.. but looks are deceptive, don't you think?

So, Sid... you better give my Man all the respect and love that he deserves... There is no way I or anyone can tell you how special you are to your Dad..

Alright, This year I'll give him all the gifts on behalf of you.. But next year, you better plan well to surprise him with your gifts... You get that, My Little Munchkin!!!

Happy Father's Day, Sel... Thank you for being a wonderful Dad to the handsome troublemaker in the whole world!! I know for sure that you will continue to shower your love, no matter how far he goes in testing your patience.. We love you so much... 

And here's wishing my DAD.. my Favorite Hero.. Thank you for being there for me all the time... Love you Dad..  Happy Father's Day...