Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yahoooooo!!!!! Ohoooooo!!!!!!

Do you rememberrrr??? The parcel that my folks sent me long time back...!!! YEAH.. I came to know that the package was sent to customs inspection by mistake!! Can you beat that!!! ANYWAYSSSSS, I got the package yesterday (FINALLY!!!!).. We got new set of dresses for the New year. :)

Love you Mom and Dad.... :) Thank you both for the wonderful gift...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chooo Chweeeettt friends..

I would really like to say "The wait is over!!!" but not yet.. I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks to receive a package sent by my parents for the new year (OK.. Smarty!! I know what you are thinking.. I'm not talking about January 1st new year.. I meant Telugu (my mother tongue) New Year!!!).. Our doorman gave me the package, Finally!!!.. I didn't fail to express my excitement looking at the package (I'm sure the doorman must have had a thought, "hell.. whats wrong with this lady today!!").. I assumed that the package is from my folks and with all the excitement, I failed to notice the details on the package till I reached home..

It just totally slipped my mind that
while I was jogging, Dubs (an awesome friend of mine from TX) called to let me know that he had sent a sweet pack to me just like that (YEAH, I know what your thinking and I totally agree, We do need more friends like him in this world to share the sweets and take care of friends:)).. He was also worried whether he sent it to the right address as his tracking information showed that the parcel was delivered to our address but received by some unknown person.. After consoling him that its our doorman, I continued my jogging routine.. :) With the mixed -up thoughts of eating sweets after a tiring jogging session and opening up the parcel to uncover the surprise gifts from my folks, I think the long wait took over.. I was reallyyyy busy dreaming about what could be inside - dresses or indian snacks or WHAT!!!! As I was walking up the stairs, I noticed a new name in SENDER column of the package.. Still clueless about what is in the parcel, I opened it only to see a biggg sweet box and a spice snack packet.. Turns out that my Dubs's parcel won the competition of reaching its destination before the other one...

Sweets were packed in a very nice manner.. I opened it and saw 14 different types of sweets (total of 28 sweets as Dubs assumed that I will share the sweets with Sel..).. I started tasting one of each type and Goshhhhhh!!! It just melted in my mouth... Sugar was at its perfect level - nothing more nothing less... It was just the right amount one would expect..I really enjoyed the sweets and to be frank, Sel was lucky enough to get his share of sweets.. As soon as Sel came home, we started taking the sweets as if that was our dinner.. Then understanding the injustice done to the spice-snacks, I started having spice-snacks with coffee.. As it was bit spicy, took sweets to compensate the spice level... Then to compensate the amount of sweet intake, took spices... and TADAAAA... Sweets got over... And spice-snacks followed it...:) I know its hard to believe, but check the pictures - Only then you will understand how irresistible they were :)

As we had too much of sweets and spices, Sel and I felt guilty that we just had soup and salad for next day's lunch.. Things were pretty smooth, till I received another package.. Didn't assume that it's from my parents, as I was checking the tracking information of the package and this time I knew for sure that it wasn't from my folks.. SENDER column had the same name and I was quite surprised..:) Turns out that Ashu (another wonderful friend of mine from TX) sent me those just as he promised me quite a while ago!!! But since he sent us the same type of sweet box, Sel and I gave our second best performance to empty the box (we were experts by then!!).. :)

Sel and I really enjoyed the sweet-eating-sessions, Special Thanks to Dubs & Ashu.. They are choooo chweeeeetttttt (also known as "So Sweet"..:)) and so very thoughtful.. Though I introduced them to the website, they have proved their efficiency by using the website to send more and more sweets.. They have shown to the world that the long distance really doesn't matter to feed your friends... :) Sel and I thanked them every time we took a sweet from the box.. May God bestow his blessings on them.. AMEN!!!

But after emptying the boxes, Sel and I promised to stay away from all the sweets at least for the next two weeks. :) God bless us!!!

Days like "TODAY"!!!

Its been quite some time since I logged on to my blog site.. I have been a bit lazy lately.. Don't know whether the back to back interviews (for which no one is ready to call me for the results!!!) are weakening me down, but it has been trying to pull me down lately.. But Sel has always been very supportive and he makes sure that my motivation level stays high all the time.. Love you Sel for everything.. It has always been easy for me to succumb to my emotions when I go through a tough situation (BELIEVE ME - I'm not at all proud of this fact) and it has always been Sel to pull me out of such emotional experiences.. Love you more dear... You are everything I can ask for and I love you for everything you are...

I was expecting a result-announcing-call from the last interview I attended.. Do interviewers in companies really care about the interviewees?? Why can't they just call me and let me know the results ON the day they promised me to call?
I was waiting for their call from morning and now at 11.30 pm, I really wish they had called..

On days like today,

I hope - to get what I want..
I wish - that Sun had stayed a bit longer..

I wish - that I had power to overcome my emotions..

I wish - that the heaviness in my heart has lightened..
I wish - to crush the anger feelings to bits and pieces ..
I hope - that one day I will get a chance to sing "on a day like today, The sun's gonna shine, shine through the rain...."

"The serenity prayer" comes in handy to handle such days!!!
God, Grant me the serenity - to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage - to change the things that I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.