Friday, March 26, 2010

Days like "TODAY"!!!

Its been quite some time since I logged on to my blog site.. I have been a bit lazy lately.. Don't know whether the back to back interviews (for which no one is ready to call me for the results!!!) are weakening me down, but it has been trying to pull me down lately.. But Sel has always been very supportive and he makes sure that my motivation level stays high all the time.. Love you Sel for everything.. It has always been easy for me to succumb to my emotions when I go through a tough situation (BELIEVE ME - I'm not at all proud of this fact) and it has always been Sel to pull me out of such emotional experiences.. Love you more dear... You are everything I can ask for and I love you for everything you are...

I was expecting a result-announcing-call from the last interview I attended.. Do interviewers in companies really care about the interviewees?? Why can't they just call me and let me know the results ON the day they promised me to call?
I was waiting for their call from morning and now at 11.30 pm, I really wish they had called..

On days like today,

I hope - to get what I want..
I wish - that Sun had stayed a bit longer..

I wish - that I had power to overcome my emotions..

I wish - that the heaviness in my heart has lightened..
I wish - to crush the anger feelings to bits and pieces ..
I hope - that one day I will get a chance to sing "on a day like today, The sun's gonna shine, shine through the rain...."

"The serenity prayer" comes in handy to handle such days!!!
God, Grant me the serenity - to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage - to change the things that I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.


  1. I agree, these interviewers only care for money and their goal. Seriously, atleast the HR should let you know. However, if they are a big company and have lot of applicants, it's difficult to prolly expect 'em to call. Whatever might be the 'effin case, they can atleast send an email I guess.

    Anyways, frankly when I was switching jobs, took me a year to find one. Of course it was pain in the wrong place; however, guess it paid off. So, I am sure you will find a job. Just matter of time. All the best with your job hunt :)

  2. Thanks Ashu.. I really appreciate your support..