Friday, February 19, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

It's my Best Friend's wedding on March 4th.. I wish I had been there to share this wonderful moment with him.. But I wasn't able to attend his wedding because of my visa stuff.. I would really like to promote "WORLD CITIZENSHIP" for everyone so they can go wherever they want to and whenever they want to.. hmmmmmm.. For people who do not know Kumz, he is a wonderful human being.. He is gifted with "PATIENCE"!!! Given a chance, even God might ask him about that!!:)

Nearly 3 years ago, when I joined Cert department, Kumz was one of the Senior (YEAH right.. with 1.5 years in Aircraft Industry) Engineer who taught me almost everything listed under "Materials Engineer Responsibilities" column in my offer letter.. In short, he was my "Technical Guru".. But a strange thing about this guy is that he doesn't maintain eye-contact.. I will ask him something and he will answer my questions promptly but he would be looking at the ceiling or at something placed far in the hallway!! Initially, I thought he is hard headed.. But turns out that he isn't that comfortable talking to girls (especially strangers!!!) except his cousin sisters (he told this after we became very good friends).. But we didn't have many experienced Engineers to teach us. So, I bugged him with more and more questions and eventually we started talking (let me put it this way - HE started talking).. Being a very friendly (and of course a talkative) person, I didn't have any difficulties expressing my opinions or pulling his legs.. He would just smile for any leg pulling sessions and that's it... Half the time, it was like "Is it even worth pulling this guy's legs".. But I kept on going and he probably found it very difficult to shut me up!! Initially, we used to talk about food.. Names the same food shared in different territory, foods with same name prepared in different ways - You name it, we would have discussed about that in "FOOD" genre..

Then we really enjoyed sharing our nostalgic thoughts... events from school, colleges.. It was really great and we had a wonderful time talking about all freaking things from our childhood.. It was awesome... We then became very close friends... Our carpooling sessions were just wonderful... He put up with all my torture of playing the same song again and again for zillion times and at times he ended up to listening to my very own voice..:) I really had fun during these times, when we talked about everything and everyone at work..

I do hate him when he keeps things to himself.. Even if he wants to advice on something, he would never voice it out.. We talked about this thousand times but I don't think he will ever give up his style of "keeping-to-himself"...

Best part about this friendship is that we both didn't have anything in common.. I was hyper, he was well composed (and confused at times!! :)).. If I'm in a comfort zone, I don't mind initiating a conversation with a stranger, but this guy wouldn't, even if someone gives him a fortune.. I am very short tempered, he doesn't have that in his dictionary.. I need a break after 12 hours of work, this devil can go on for 2 days of work without a break.. and the list goes on and on...
One should feel very lucky and should thank their stars if they find a friend who is capable of understanding and caring and sharing - Here I'm thanking my stars for such a wonderful friend who is crazy at times!!..:)

We molded this friendship with understanding and adjusting skills..:) He is also capable of surprising you by expressing his deep thoughts which might be shocking and which might hit you hard!! Once, he threw me off the bench by expressing his interests to adopt me as his sister !!! Do I need to say more about shocking surprises!!! :) I wouldn't say this friendship was perfect all the time and that we never had opinion differences.. That would be a big fat LIE!! We had some ups and downs in this friendship.. We fought many times about the same thing due to opinion differences, we hated each other at times due to the fact that we didn't hear what we wanted to - but by end of the day, all is fair in friendship...:) We thanked each other so many times for the friendship we share.. I know it sounds weird, but thats true..:)

Now, talking about the one he is gonna get married to - Vibhs.. I haven't met her personally.. But from all my communication with her through emails and calls, I can assure that she is a very sweet person.. She is very bubbly and I am sure that she is doing her best in spreading her enthusiasm .. She was very excited about the marriage (I saw that excitement in all her emails) and was very keen to get to know about Kumz just to make sure that she understands him.. She is a wonderful girl.. She didn't hesitate even a bit when Kumz gave the phone to her - EXACTLY opposite to Kumz's character.. :) Together, they both make a perfect and wonderful and adorable couple.. I can't wait to see them..
May God bless this wonderful couple with all the happiness..

Kumz - You are a most wonderful person and a great friend.. My heartfelt wishes and Congratulations to the two of you..Wishing you both a very happy married life.. :)


  1. I wish that this friendship lasts forever. I didnt know some of the stuffs that you mentioned here and I was taken aback!! Really hard to find such friends and see a great friendship like this I guess. Good luck to your friend Kumz with his new marriage. May the lord bring happiness to his and Vibhs' life.

    PS: Ceiling thing was fun hehe

  2. hey geets thanks a loads....
    i simply loved the pic....!!!:-))