Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's day celebration

This year's Valentine's day was a very special one.. it was our first V-day after marriage. But everyday should be a special day for people in love.. So, we didn't plan on anything special this year. However, we decided to join a team which had plans for Skiing.

So, after proper planning for almost a day (by Sel's friend), we all (YEAH. people count of almost 12 - 16) decided to start at 9 am. After few plan hiccups, we left home at around 11.30 am. I was hungry already!! After few unwanted exit stops, we went to Panera Bread for lunch.. Had my favorite after a longggg time (Used to have my brunch at Panera on all saturdays while I was in TX). Had Chai Tea - yummmyyyy. Didn't know that I missed Panera's food this much!!!

We started again. Our driveway to Skiing mountains was just awesome.. Road was filled with white snow - it was just like white clouds thrown on sideways... We really enjoyed the sight..

We reached the mountains. Got the big-skiing-boots, poles and ski. It was heavy for real!! I wasn't able to walk with those boots. Sel had been to Skiing before. So, he taught me a little bit. First time, it was a gentle slide.. like the breeze. I gained a little bit confidence from this slide. So, I decided to take it to the next level, slide from a taller spot. So, I started and then lost control.. Sel didn't teach me how to stop (probably he thought that skiingwill do something that he can't - push me down..:) ). A couple far from the start point, probably enjoying the sight of their daughter skiing, served as a stop point.. Ran into them - actually in between them.. Pulled the mom with me. Didn't know what to do or how to get up.. Kept on asking Sorry to this poor mom. Then an old lady helped me. Attended a class for skiing (teacher was awesome. but he took a lot of time to teach us.. hmmm..) Then did skiing for sometime.. But my hands were frozen after an hour or so.. It started paining, so took a break... Then, when I started back, I think I got scared of the heights.. It's not about the fall (because almost everyone there fell down trying to ski and I really love such place where one doesn't have to feel embarassed to fall).. But, I know that I can't stop even with the techniques they taught me - thats the fear.. Fell a couple of times after that (yeah... fallin down happened even while I was climbing up the mountains).. Then, we decided to start. Removing the boots was another challenge. It was difficult than my high school calculus!!!! Then we stopped for a wonderful dinner..

By the time we came home, I was more than happy to call that a day and crash onto bed for a wonderful sleep..Next day morning, got the feedback of all fall-downs... Ooohh.. aahh.. ouchhhhh - wasnt able to move my hands..!!!..But, it was really fun and I had a really good time... Everyone should try skiing once.. After all, we are the ones who pay to fall!!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the skiing on V day. I can't just imagine those boots. Damn heavy!! Heard that they stopped Chai Tea latte at Panera in Denton. They had no demand after you left ;) Those days...Dang it!!

  2. Really? hmmm.. Miss those days re..!!! I'm sure we all enjoyed it to the coreeeee....