Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yayyyy!!!… My little munchkin turned 2 today. I pinched myself a couple of times to believe what I just wrote!
2 years… Sel & I have seen, heard, googled, studied, so many things…
Anyhoo… trust me.this post is not to show off how great Sid has been for the past 2 years… he has taken enough share in our lives already… so I just want to put up what I thought about these 2 years being a parent. Even pampers brand agrees with me and sent me an email today saying: Celebrate yourself on your child's birthday. Take pride in the wonderful little person you're raising and in all the hard work you've put in over the past two years. Now, That’s what I’m talking about.
I thought parenthood is easy peesy.  kids sleep through the night from day 1. Kids eat whatever foods you give them. it’s easy to discipline them at this young age. Nope.. Nope and Nope… it’s not that easy. But hey, I’m glad things turned out ok…
I have never thought that being a mom needs so much patience and skillsets… I always thought my mom was born with such qualities and having me or my brother didn’t change a thing.. silly me! *slaps forehead*.  As a kid, I was always let to believe that you get what you want… but oh boy!! Trying to keep your cool when things go awry is the worst task in the entire world. And being a person who has never had so much patience in my life, it took a toll on me. But I guess I am doing just fine. Because I haven’t seen or heard him complain about it (at least not yet!).
Having a kid certainly changes everything… Being a mom, brings back so many of my childhood memories. it makes me think for a moment there, Will my parents react the same way.  It’s mystifying, how did my mom and dad do it… how did they put up with my silly activities. How come I have never seen them yell at me? How come I have never seen them lose their cool?  How come they never said no to any of the requests… how come my mom made 3 course meals every day? How did she get up early in the mornings while she was the last one to sleep the night before? How did my dad ride his bicycle in those crazy rush hours after a long day at work to pick me up after school?  How come he has never shown me how tired he was after such a long ride how come my mom never showed me any of her office work frustration or the stress? So there are so many how comes and how did they do it questions lingering in my head..
I don’t know if I will always have patience like them… But I’m learning and will always learn from them. It’s a long road from here.
Little munchkin is speaking now. He watches oodles of Geoge episodes (read: Curious George)… he wants to see Baanny (read: Barney). He wants to fly like an airplane. He wants to cimb (read: Climb) on small boxes… *bliss*
Our lives have been revolving on his wants, needs, smiles, tears… and it is one crazy ride. But Sel and I love every nano bit of it. Because, before we know, he will grow up to a handsome person with a wonderful heart, lovely smile and have his own dream-come-true life.
So, Happy Birthday Munchkin. There is no way in the world for me to tell you that I love you more than I did yesterday.. because my heart keeps telling me that my love for you has reached its infinite limit already… So, Love you as always. Bless you..

Mama & Papa

Saturday, June 16, 2012

To the love of my life and apple of my son's eye!!

I know... i know it sounds silly. but that's true.

Now, i have heard all these years that an infant while growing up says, "amma" (translates to 'Mom', in my native language).. But my little one started with 'Dadda' and now has progressed to 'Daddy'.. But nowhere near amma (except when he cries and i wouldnt even consider that as a single word).. 

Little did I know about Dad-Son relationship.. I was pleasantly surprised when Sid gave me the phone asking me to call Daddy... Well.. I thought to myself.. "My little munchkin is taking sides already!!"

The way he calls his 'Daddddyyy', one zillion times a day, is mesmerizing... makes me forget what a big troublemaker he is.. But that shows how special Sel is to Sid.. and my words on this page wouldn't do any justice in explaining how much Sel loves Sid and how well he takes care of him..

Sel has done everything for Sid, just like any dad.. has fed him. . changed him.. rocked him.. he for sure must have crossed over a million hits in 'google' website to learn about different infant / toddler stages and what should be the color of poop at 4 months and why is there a dry patch behind his elbows and why hasn't he slept through the night and why.. why.. why.. This page isn't sufficient to list his 'google search hits!! that crazy is he..

but what makes him so special is.... hmmm..... let me think.... Well... I can't pinpoint anything in particular.. but  "EVERYTHING"... YES.... ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that he does for Sid... with so much love and dedication and carefulness is what makes him the BEST DAD...

Anything he does for Sid or Sid related stuff is meticulous... nothing like, 'oh.. well. we have been doing this for Sid for the past couple of months... it's so easy'... NOPE... that's not how it works between them... everytime, it's the same thing with different level of carefulness.. he will carry out the activity the same way he did when he started the whole "Daddyhood"... He, for many, may appear as if is working with the whole lotta experience and will little efforts.. but looks are deceptive, don't you think?

So, Sid... you better give my Man all the respect and love that he deserves... There is no way I or anyone can tell you how special you are to your Dad..

Alright, This year I'll give him all the gifts on behalf of you.. But next year, you better plan well to surprise him with your gifts... You get that, My Little Munchkin!!!

Happy Father's Day, Sel... Thank you for being a wonderful Dad to the handsome troublemaker in the whole world!! I know for sure that you will continue to shower your love, no matter how far he goes in testing your patience.. We love you so much... 

And here's wishing my DAD.. my Favorite Hero.. Thank you for being there for me all the time... Love you Dad..  Happy Father's Day...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

To the wonderful First year... 

And many many more to come..

Things have definitely changed.. From every angle..   It's not just those routine days anymore. Everyday is new, obviously more challenging than the previous one.. it's eventful.. *check our dictionary, we guarantee you that there is no such word as 'BOREDOM'*

Our sleepless nights get paid off when we see you(r) smile..
Those silly facial expressions.. 
Those giggles when we recreate some crazy sound effects.. *you gotta believe me when I say that*
Those tears, which by the way hurts us more than you think, makes our heart skip a beat (though we know you are faking it at times to get the attention you need)... 
Those lovely hugs & kisses that we get from every now and then, makes us feel so special.. Makes us Thank God for each and every second of our life.. Makes us want to love you more.. And more.. More than anything in this world.. More than anybody in this universe..

Sweetheart...  We love you with all our heart. You will always be the apple of our eyes and heartbeat of our hearts.. 

Here's to you, Sid.. Wishing you a very happy, wonderful, fun-filled, friendly, and a very healthy Birthday..  

Blessings & love

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nostalgic or Bliss!!

Today I'm nostalgic about so many things... so many people... so many incidents... Not sure whether these sleepless nights are taking a toll on me.. But I just miss those wonderful days when Sel and I used to go out (YAYYYY!!) without any plans... No diaper bags.. no searching for restrooms with changing stations.. no pulling over.. We have gone out for long drives on weekends just because we felt like going out.. NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!..Days when I used to go to gym rain or shine or snow... days when Sel and I used to meet in a food court in a mall (close to our house and Sel's office) to have our homemade food.. hours and hours of cooking to try out a new recipe... minutes of talking over the phone to pull my friends legs .. days when we used to hold hands and walk to a grocery store just to drink a coffee.. I miss those days when I go out for window shopping and buy loads of stuff and then return a few just because Sel didnt feel that those items were necessary!! .. Those harsh winter evenings when Sel and I walk out for dinner to some nice place and have a dessert loaded with 4 or 5 digits calories.. 

But now, while planning to go out is one big activity, preparing to go out is the next huge activity.. Don't get me wrong here.. I'm not saying that I'm not enjoying these fine moments with our new bundle of joy.. But it's just that I miss those moments.. or should I say that I'm cherishing those moments now...

It's true that our life has taken a different course.. where we have to act more maturely and be more cautious.. play a role of detective in finding out what is that that is bothering our munchkin...Believe me when I say I need more sleep, I mean it.. But, it is, indeed, a wonderful feeling to see an infant who thinks you are special.. who talks to you with all the 'aahhhss' and 'ooooss' when he doesnt have a clue about what we talk *or does he!!!*.. who calms down when you hold him... who laughs at you when he sees you.. *Bless*
Simply put, Motherhood is a bliss.. It really doesn't matter whether I walk like a zombie due to inadequate sleep or whether my day time job is more tiring than it used to be.. IT JUST DOESN"T MATTER... I love my munchkin with all my heart...

I'm sure that I don't miss my old life as much as I enjoy my new avatar.. *vague smile and dozing off due to lack of sleep*....

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's really the wonderful time of the year!!

Hellloooo... Ok.. Let's not focus on the fact that I wasn't on the blogging world for quite some (OKKKK... a longgg) time.. :)

Things have been crazily busy for us.. From Halloween to Diwali to Thanksgiving to Christmas.. Not that we arranged party of any sort.. It's just that the time flies during the second half of the year with long weekends, planning resolutions for the next year, feeling guilty about not doing few things over the past 11 months etc., Anyways, this year Sel and I decided to buy a christmas tree for our own sweet home.. We thought it will be fun to be a part of this nation's most celebrated festival.. It really is fun to do something new..

With well lit lights all around our place, I really feel happy..  We really love our tree.. Vow!!!

It took us sometime to find and arrange the tree with all the ornaments, ribbons, snowflakey stuff and the Tree Top.. Thanks to Sel's creativity.. It turned out to be an amazing piece of art.. What say!!

I took off from work yesterday just to use one of my vacation days.. Things were pretty depressing for me at work (as in troubleshooting equipments), but I'm sure it'll be better.. Soon.. Pretty soon.. Hopefully soon.. !! *fingers crossed*

When I went out in the evening, the weather was, disgustingly, cold.. Windy & cold - I call them "Evil twins"!

And today, is another day-off for me.. SEL!! Do you really have to go to work today!! We didn't see anyone on the road in the morning!! Just wreaths, lights, closed doors!!! 5 more hours to go for the wonderful evening of the year..

Now, I am all set for Christmas.. Gifts have already gone under the tree.. :)

Merry Christmas to you and to your family!! *singing jingle bells song*