Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nostalgic or Bliss!!

Today I'm nostalgic about so many things... so many people... so many incidents... Not sure whether these sleepless nights are taking a toll on me.. But I just miss those wonderful days when Sel and I used to go out (YAYYYY!!) without any plans... No diaper bags.. no searching for restrooms with changing stations.. no pulling over.. We have gone out for long drives on weekends just because we felt like going out.. NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!..Days when I used to go to gym rain or shine or snow... days when Sel and I used to meet in a food court in a mall (close to our house and Sel's office) to have our homemade food.. hours and hours of cooking to try out a new recipe... minutes of talking over the phone to pull my friends legs .. days when we used to hold hands and walk to a grocery store just to drink a coffee.. I miss those days when I go out for window shopping and buy loads of stuff and then return a few just because Sel didnt feel that those items were necessary!! .. Those harsh winter evenings when Sel and I walk out for dinner to some nice place and have a dessert loaded with 4 or 5 digits calories.. 

But now, while planning to go out is one big activity, preparing to go out is the next huge activity.. Don't get me wrong here.. I'm not saying that I'm not enjoying these fine moments with our new bundle of joy.. But it's just that I miss those moments.. or should I say that I'm cherishing those moments now...

It's true that our life has taken a different course.. where we have to act more maturely and be more cautious.. play a role of detective in finding out what is that that is bothering our munchkin...Believe me when I say I need more sleep, I mean it.. But, it is, indeed, a wonderful feeling to see an infant who thinks you are special.. who talks to you with all the 'aahhhss' and 'ooooss' when he doesnt have a clue about what we talk *or does he!!!*.. who calms down when you hold him... who laughs at you when he sees you.. *Bless*
Simply put, Motherhood is a bliss.. It really doesn't matter whether I walk like a zombie due to inadequate sleep or whether my day time job is more tiring than it used to be.. IT JUST DOESN"T MATTER... I love my munchkin with all my heart...

I'm sure that I don't miss my old life as much as I enjoy my new avatar.. *vague smile and dozing off due to lack of sleep*....


  1. Hi Gettha,this is my first time in ur yumm space of clicks and content writing.Luvd reading it.Happy to follow U.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments.. It sure encourages me to keep blogging. :)