Sunday, February 5, 2012

To the wonderful First year... 

And many many more to come..

Things have definitely changed.. From every angle..   It's not just those routine days anymore. Everyday is new, obviously more challenging than the previous one.. it's eventful.. *check our dictionary, we guarantee you that there is no such word as 'BOREDOM'*

Our sleepless nights get paid off when we see you(r) smile..
Those silly facial expressions.. 
Those giggles when we recreate some crazy sound effects.. *you gotta believe me when I say that*
Those tears, which by the way hurts us more than you think, makes our heart skip a beat (though we know you are faking it at times to get the attention you need)... 
Those lovely hugs & kisses that we get from every now and then, makes us feel so special.. Makes us Thank God for each and every second of our life.. Makes us want to love you more.. And more.. More than anything in this world.. More than anybody in this universe..

Sweetheart...  We love you with all our heart. You will always be the apple of our eyes and heartbeat of our hearts.. 

Here's to you, Sid.. Wishing you a very happy, wonderful, fun-filled, friendly, and a very healthy Birthday..  

Blessings & love

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  1. Happy Birthday Sid. And one more thing. When you can, ask your ma and pa why they haven't they posted your picture yet.