Friday, December 24, 2010

It's really the wonderful time of the year!!

Hellloooo... Ok.. Let's not focus on the fact that I wasn't on the blogging world for quite some (OKKKK... a longgg) time.. :)

Things have been crazily busy for us.. From Halloween to Diwali to Thanksgiving to Christmas.. Not that we arranged party of any sort.. It's just that the time flies during the second half of the year with long weekends, planning resolutions for the next year, feeling guilty about not doing few things over the past 11 months etc., Anyways, this year Sel and I decided to buy a christmas tree for our own sweet home.. We thought it will be fun to be a part of this nation's most celebrated festival.. It really is fun to do something new..

With well lit lights all around our place, I really feel happy..  We really love our tree.. Vow!!!

It took us sometime to find and arrange the tree with all the ornaments, ribbons, snowflakey stuff and the Tree Top.. Thanks to Sel's creativity.. It turned out to be an amazing piece of art.. What say!!

I took off from work yesterday just to use one of my vacation days.. Things were pretty depressing for me at work (as in troubleshooting equipments), but I'm sure it'll be better.. Soon.. Pretty soon.. Hopefully soon.. !! *fingers crossed*

When I went out in the evening, the weather was, disgustingly, cold.. Windy & cold - I call them "Evil twins"!

And today, is another day-off for me.. SEL!! Do you really have to go to work today!! We didn't see anyone on the road in the morning!! Just wreaths, lights, closed doors!!! 5 more hours to go for the wonderful evening of the year..

Now, I am all set for Christmas.. Gifts have already gone under the tree.. :)

Merry Christmas to you and to your family!! *singing jingle bells song*

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