Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Half-time vacation report.

Our vacation is almost over!!! Oh.. yeah, Sel and I took off this entire week becoz of his overflowing vacation days and I had few personal days which had to be used before end of this year. So, we decided to take off this week without any plans.. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? Sel and I decided to take off few days without any plan for outing or any activities.. *smiles*

But yet, YET, we had a bunch of activities to be taken care of.. Simple things like cleaning the house, setting up our wonderful photo wall, paintings arrangement, drive down to a nearby famous university, visit few malls just for window shopping, gear up with ideas for my Halloween day costume (YES.. Mars, Kris and I are gonna be Turtles from TMNT.. Can't wait for my first Halloween day celeb *grins*).. 

We are also planning on going for apple and pumpkin picking sometime during this week.. We also did some unintended shopping like PS3 move for Sel..  Till now, he seems to enjoy it.. Let's wait for a week to get the pros and cons from him.. SO, I'm gonna stick myself to computer for the next few days till he gets over his feelings for his new found lovely!!! (He wants me to play but it's just that I'm not yet READY for the new gadget!! *sighs*)

However, NOT doing any major thing for a whole week is a BLISS, I say.. Just imagine this - You get up in the morning without any plans, then decide on your activities as day goes by... hmmm... Sounds exciting, isn't it (but I'm sure it will start to get boring if we continue to do it and so is our vacation just for a week)... 

So, here we are enjoying our vacation.. 
Now you just have to wait for 2 more days for your regular weekend, so don't sigh... 

See ya later... 

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