Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherlock Holmes....

Mr. Holmes is THE DETECTIVE of EVER..
Without any CSI assistants helping him with DNA samples or Photos of crime scene or CT Scan of the injured or whatever-the-new-technology is to find the killer, he does everything with his sharp senses.. And, I got to tell you that Mr. Downey Jr and Mr. Law have done an awesome job in the movie.. They gave life to the characters.. Nothing in the movie is left for assumption.. Anything and everything has been explained to the point where one cannot have any questions when he/she leaves the theatre..

Being Downey Jr's fan, I can't wait for Iron Man 2 to hit the theatres..


  1. Have to watch this movie. Will take your word and will head to this movie sometime. If it aint good, then will come back to this blog and will friggin...