Sunday, August 29, 2010

Long time.. No see..

I know... I know... It's been a longggggg time ever since I logged on to my blog page. I have been busy.. If you ask me, doing what? I would start talking and wouldn't be able to complete it in an hour.. 

However, to be crisp on what kept us busy for almost a month and half now - 

  •     Tiresome packing at our old apartment till the last minute, 
  •     totally messed up budget rental trucks, 
  •     hectic roam around on move-out date to find a new truck rental, 
  •     fatiguing move to our new wonderful home (Special heartfelt thanks to Ganesh, Baps & CP who helped us in moving things and I am telling you - they totally rocked), 
  •     we unpacked and arranged almost everything in two weeks, 
  •     we have been buying and disposing few itsy-bitsy things which accompanies with the major confusion of 'location to place those to balance the other items in the room', 
  •     we have been going out almost every weekend to nearby places - first reason being us getting accustomed to our locality and second reason is that there are only few more weeks for Summer after which a harsh winter is gonna make me not wanting to go out, 
  •     we have been working on to find a right schedule for everything from leaving to office to coming back at appropriate time to cook and eat and relax, 
  •     we have been glued to our new leather couch (AHEM!! Did you read the last line!! You better do 'coz I introduced our new couch) which makes us even lazier to just relax and watch programs from our cable connection. 

   We also spend quality time in admiring the beautiful, lovely houses nearby, enjoying the delicious food from new restaurants nearby.. This is all with hectic work (at times) at office and WHAT NOT!!! Hope you get the POINT here!! I just needed a break.. But now that I'm back, I made a promise to myself to work on my blog to make up for all those breaks..

I have to write about our new home, I have to crib about the Budget rental which messed up all our plans during our move-in day, I have to write about my new mario wii game, my plans for going green, etc., etc.,

Well, See you soon then.. :)

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  1. Glad that you are enjoying every bit and whatever you can. Really good to know that. Keep us posted on the reviews of the Budget rental truck. It might help people while moving :)