Sunday, September 5, 2010

Going green.. Yes, we're..

Going green doesn't mean I'm gonna be like Shrek from now, you silly!!! I meant I am going to take necessary steps to reduce the environment pollution caused by me.. I know.. We were surprised to learn the amount of pollution caused just by our decisions to choose.. Decisions that looked just like another simple choice but it had atleast a tiny bit of impact on the environment pollution). 

Sel and I have decided to change few things in our daily routine.. Lemme share our thoughts about 'going green' now:
  • We have decided to take our own metal cutlery instead of using plastic cutlery!!
  • No more plastic cups for coffee or water.. We have our own ceramic coffee mug at office and a water bottle to get sufficient amount of water.
  • No more plastic bags from grocery stores.. YES, we bought our own reusable bag for groceries shopping.
  • We try to avoid using our car to go to all nearby places.
  • We do not print anything unless it is REALLY need.. Even then it has always been double-sided printing..
  • We never let water run when not in use (especially while brushing!!)
  • We use cold water for laundry (yes, that's an energy saver)
  • We changed most of our electric products to energy-efficient products
Now, we are still planning to make few more changes and our thought-process is working continuously to find different ways to save this wonderful environment.. *pats on shoulder*

I don't know whether we'll benefit from all these changes, but I am very positively sure that our grandkids will.. What say?.. :)


  1. Hi Geetha, You are right on this concept of passing on benefits to future generations. We have to act now to get the result in future. Glad to read this post. Thanks.

  2. Hi Lipika. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the wonderful comments..

  3. Very nice thought. Frankly, since reading the post, I am turning off the water while brushing :) Thats a first step from me I guess. Good to see you guys working hard for the environment. Keep up the good work.