Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hearty Friends...

Friends are feel-good factors I would say.. Be it either laughing with you when even you know that you just cracked a poor joke or crying with you when your wound can be seen only with magnifier lenses.. They make you feel-good and feel-lucky all the time.. ~God bless my friends~

I have been blessed with many such wonderful friends.. Special Thanks to 'G'.. Kumz and Vibhs sent us wonderful gifts last week to celebrate our most special day.. THE card they sent us (among few other gifts including my favorite Soan papdi sweet), just pushed me to the emotional side.. Made me miss those people all over again... ~sighs.. darn the distance between states~

Words (by Linda Lee Elrod) from the card:

I don’t know if I’ve ever
taken the time
to stop and thank you
For being the really great person you are,
but I should.
Because there’s only one you.
You’re the one who seems to know
just how to find a rainbow
behind every cloud.
the one who knows when to offer advice and when to just listen
You can be fun, silly and lighthearted.
Or serious, caring and sympathetic-
whatever the situation calls for.
You’re so attuned to the feelings of others.
Quite simply, you’re a comfort and a joy to be around
And I think it’s time you knew how very much I appreciate you..
How very glad I am to know you!

I am glad too, My dear friends.. To know you.. To be friends with you.. To share all those mind-boggling moments or silly moments or funny moments!!!

And one more card to remind me of all those Friday evening Starbucks moments!!!

It reminded me of all those Starbucks evenings when Kumz and I used to talk about EVERYTHING!!! Things and times have changed a lot over the past few months... Have changed pretty fast, I guess!!!  But, those moments occupy a very special place in my life and can never be erased..

I don't know what I did to deserve such good friends, but hey! I'm not complaining.. I'm just being so proud and expressing how lucky I am to have such great, sweet, wonderful friends.. I have always been lucky with friends who share and care a lot... And these two are so special and will always stay close to my heart .. 

I heart you both dears!!.. May you both always be happy, loving and caring as you are now...

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  1. Oh.. I'm not sure you should complain... you've got some awesome friends.. they are true blessings..