Sunday, June 20, 2010

To the BEST DAD in the WORLD..

I've always admired my Dad.. For everything... for being very bold in expressing what he thinks, without any fear or partiality to his loved ones.. for being very kind to everyone around him.. for being very frank in expressing his gratitude to people who deserve those.. 

I still remember those days when he used to carry me on his shoulders (when I was really really tiny!!) and sing our favorite dad-daughter song where he told me that "I shouldn't fear, I shouldn't shed tears, I should always have the courage to fight against the bad things"!! He still sings it for me upon request... Dad is daughter's best friend.. Isn't it?

I miss those days when my Dad used to ride his cycle all the way from his office to pick me up from my school.. On the way he would get me something to snack and he would listen to all my stories from that day's school.. 

How can I forget those Sunday evenings when we both used to go out for walking sessions!!

How can I thank you enough for those early Sunday mornings, when you used to wake up well before me to prepare me for my board exams!!

Few people might find it hard to digest his frankness and boldness... But he doesn't care and neither do I... I loved my dad then, I love him now and I will love him forever...  

Dad, you have always been an inspiration to me.. Not a day goes by without me wanting to gather up the courage like you in every activity I do or be as bold as you are or be as active as as you are.. 

On this special day, here is to wish you a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.. 
Love you loads....

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