Sunday, June 6, 2010

A place called HOME..

Is it because of our smartness or is it just the time that does the magic.. I really don't know.. But, I'm glad today.. Reason being that we found a place to be called HOME.. Yes.. We started our home search yesterday and this listing was first in our list.. Let me call it "our home" and all others as Listings, Shall I?

The moment we opened the door, I felt so cozy and happy about being there.. Isn't that the feeling when you enter the place you like!!! I liked it and so did Sel.. However we decided to visit other places so no one can say that we settled for the first place because we were too lazy to find another... ~grins~

We went to three different places, but they didn't do the magic as the first one.. We came home baffled.. We didn't want to decide on our home because we wanted to do enough research before we actually settle for it.. But, we also wanted to go for it as it stole our heart in a jiffy!! We browsed through all the agencies websites that had all the listing.. This search went on till late night..

Then we continued the same work in the morning.. Had all the listings with us!! Compared those for pros and cons as we were so stubborn to find some or the other issue in all other places.. But our home passed on the test with flying colors.. Finally, YES FINALLY, we decided to vote for OUR HOME that really touched our hearts and stole it.. We gave in our application today and came out with all smiles.. as if we found a wonderful pearl in an oyster!! as if we found a diamond stone on a piece of rock that hit us!! Ok.. We were just happyyy...

It's going to be a bit (no... a lot) busy for Sel as he is going to be commuting but he is really looking forward to it.. I just hope that he has the same level of enthusiasm even during winter when the cold weather turns their face to bless him (as he likes winter.. I don't usually show my happy face during winters 'coz I hate them!!!)

YAYYYY!!!... We are going to be moving in 2 months (Chilll... I know you must be looking for tomatoes to throw at me after seeing the timeframe!!.. But believe me, it's hard to find such good places in this state).. We both are excited and I'm overexcited as I will have another opportunity to work on the interior decoration plans.. Aahhhh... Can't wait to move-in... New place, new arrangements, new (few) furnitures, new home set-up.. Can't really wait!!! ~sighs~

Too many tasks over the weekend.. ~pats on the shoulder~
Yet, feeling peaceful and happy.. That's the magic of finding something wonderful, isn't it!!!

Too many questions in that tiny thinking section of my brain!!! Should we change the couch? What color? What about hammock - that will fit the patio perfectly fine!!! Should we use a valence or a complete window cloth? What color should the valence be!! Where to fit in the paintings? Ooopppsss... Let me start my planner with all the plans and questions and answers..

See you soon with the updates.. Have a wonderful week..!!


  1. Congratulations again!! Great news. Really happy for you guys. Send us the pics and more details.

  2. wowww.....that awesome news.....I guess I need to start following these blogs more religiously to get your updates......

    Congratulations again....

  3. Thank you both... Can't wait to move in. :) Will send you pics soon..