Friday, April 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home..

It is just like yesterday – when I waved bye to my wonderful friends in TX and took a flight to NJ.. Sel and I moved in to a wonderful apartment and believe it or not, its been 9 months since the move.. Gosh!! Time does fly like crazy...

Though we live in an apartment, we consider it our Home.. Home Sweet Home... A wonderful home that gives us a very warmth feeling about being in there...In the beginning, we used to think a lot about buying even a small thing to decorate the house... Believe it or not, we still do.. :)

To welcome our guests and to provide them a visual treat, I decided to decorate the entrance side wall by displaying the photos taken by Sel.. He is an excellent photographer.. and I really like the way those flowers pose to express their beauty just for his camera lens. :)
We liked the dining table design (OK..Ok.. Sel chose the design) .. It is for two people, but can be stretched/unfolded to serve 4.. Isn't that great!!! I try to keep in new flowers every week and this week - it’s our favorite roses.. A 3-tier snack shelf shares the table with a salt shaker / pepper grinder and our favorite silverware..

Then, we decided to buy the remaining furniture to match this color. That is a mix of birch, beech and beige color (I KNOW!!!!).. Sel wanted a low height entertainment center with few racks to keep our game stuff and home theater..
I had over 30 Ganeshji's idols.. :) But then with Sel's "simplicity loving attitude", we have only one Ganeshji in our prayer shelf (Thanks Kumz - for the sandalwood Ganeshji)..Simple and lovely...
We got our couch after some time.. Though it was very difficult to assemble, we like it very much... :) Sel’s painting and rose potpourri to decorate the side table...
Then there was this cube structure in Target.. The moment we saw it, we knew that we gotto have it.:)
I have my own music corner (though I don't play it every day, I try my level best..:))
Sel’s paintings to decorate the sill..

Photo corner is one of our favorite place at home..It includes our wedding invitation, photos of our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews and my friends..

Kitchen is my favorite place these days.. I spend most of my afternoon exploring new cuisines.. I spend so much time in there every day that I even started thinking about writing a separate blog for my exercise and food routine.. :)
It's crystal clear that Sel and I love decorating our home.. After all, Home is where the heart is.. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoy being in this marvelous place.. :)


  1. Let me add one more thing. Cant forget the amazing, awesome, tremendous and heart warming dinner me and my folks had in that dining table. It just blew me away. The day, the moment and yeah the awesome couple!!

  2. Cool! I love your decor! Keep blogging!!!