Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer in Jersey

As the summer is out (finally!!!), I have renewed my resolution (for nth time!!!) to go for jogging everyday.. Whenever I go out for jogging I find it very difficult to hold the bottle on one hand, jingling keys on the other.. Even then, I haven't found a place to hold my phone?? With all these items on hands and pockets, I feel very uncomfortable.. So, I had put in a request to buy me a hipster or fanny pack to hold all the items needed for jogging...

Sel has been looking out for such bags very meticulously and he finally bought me one from Target store.. It was kinda expensive but I really liked it.. It holds my iphone, keys, id card, dollar bills, water bottle and what not.. WHOA!!!! Check the color and design - isn't it awesome!!!

Everyone in the nearby park (where I go for jogging) look at my bag and are probably thinking about buying it.. :) Every time someone looks at my bag, I feel so happy about it.. Thank you so much for buying me the bag, Sel.. You are THE best.. :)

I'm all set to enjoy my jogging sessions every day.. Here I come, Summer... :)
(This is also my First Summer in Jersey.. GREATTTT!!!!! )

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