Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunny and Superb Sunday..

Last Sunday was just GREAT and AWESOME.. Sel and I went to NY after a longggg time... Weather was just right for us to get out of the house sacrificing our couch potato Sunday afternoon which is usually our TV time...:) We went to a flea market (finally!! I have been wanting to go to the market for quite some time now).. Didn't see anything interesting or should I say I found it a bit more expensive than I expected.. So, after almost an hour of walking inside the market, we decided to go out and check out the places nearby..

We went to our favorite Malaysian restaurant and had a wonderful roti canai.. Came out of the restaurant wanting to go home and just doze off.. :) But when we came out, the weather was too good to just ignore .. So, we continued walking.. We had a nice strong coffee from aroma on our way.. the coffee was too strong and too awakening.. We took a stroll along the neighborhood as it was loaded with flowers... A very pleasant visual treat for everyone there..

Tulips, Tulips
More Tulips..

More More Tulips...

We saw a Barnes & Noble nearby and went inside to check the nook.. After spending some time in there, we went to the nearby Apple store to check the sizzling sensation iPad (we weren't planning on buying anything from any of these stores, Thank you!!!)..

Sizzling Sensation for now!!!! till the next i-series... :)

After almost an hour of walking, we still were enjoying the wonderful streets of The Big Apple.. Here and there on our way, we took some pictures to cherish the looks of beautiful flowers, buildings... We came to Times Square and Oh My!!!! Lights, lights everywhere to let everyone think that Sun never sets in New York (just like in the lyrics of Jay-z & Alicia Keys song New York) :)

On our way, we waved a Hello.. How you doing? to our Empire State Building.. :)
Then, we went to Macys to check out their famour Flower Show... And, it was just amazing.. Color coordinated flowers did not only increase the charm of the building but enhanced the rich look of all the jewelleries / accessories... We took a couple of pictures there. :)

Beautiful chandelier with colorful flowers to add a little bit of spice to the room..

Bright colored flowers whispering Thanks for coming.. :)
And, Gosh!!!! Look at the roses.. I wanted to take the entire rose vase (or stand) with me, but Sel didn't let me to.. His answer was a big NO.. -- SIGH --..

Finally, we reached our metro station and took a train to our home.. We weren't expecting such a crowd on a Sunday evening.. But I guess everyone came out of their houses to enjoy the sunny weather in wonderful New York City..


  1. I almost cried looking at the Apple logo. Please dont take pics like that again. Just wants me to head to the store again!!

  2. That part was actually written keeping you in mind..!!! By the way, No one is stopping you from visiting Apple stores *maybe you got to enroll in some monthly loan scheme from your bank for such visits*.. What say!!!