Thursday, April 22, 2010

My brother's visit..

My brother visited us on his way to a conference in NY.. Sel and I have had many friends visiting us in the past, but nothing comes close to a family member's visit.. It's been almost a year since my we met.. Though we live in a 4-hours flight zone, things were pretty busy in the past for both of us.. Initially I moved to NJ, then we had to settle, then my brother and his family moved to their new home and they had to settle, this and that and never realized the days are being passing on to months.. Not to mention that I miss my sweet niece's hugs and kisses every once in a month (when I was working in TX, I tried my level best to visit my brother's place at least once a month to be with my sweet-little-cutie niece.. She is lovely and adorable.. she is cute... she is sweet.. and she is my baby love forever..)

My brother came on Saturday morning.. Remember, he hasn't seen our car yet and we wanted to keep that as a surprise... But he found out that we bought a car before even coming out of the airport.. *uff*.. So anyways, we picked him up in the car and came home.. I got up early and prepared few dishes (Veggie / masala parotta, Cauliflower-potato curry, Egg briyani, potato croquettes, onion raitha and baklava).. we had our heavy brunch after an extensive iPad session from my brother.. OH.. YEAH!!! He got a new iPad and he is spreading the GOOD word about it to everyone now.. :)

Then, we took him to a nearby Indian street.. Weather was very cold.. We walked for sometime and then went to another Indian street.. Went to Hot Breads and had a Vada Pav... Ahhhh.. God!!! It just melted in my mouth... Then came home after few stops here and there in Jersey City Boardwalk which showed us all the NYC Attractions.. :)

We were hungry by the time we reached home.. Had nice food and slept off as his flight was on Sunday morning... Sel and my brother played Wii tennis game for a while.. Then we all had breakfast and left home.. As his flight was on time (surprisingly!!!), he went for check-in and we waved good-bye....

Family member visits are always good.. Its refreshing... We all had fun and it was a sentimental moment for me when he went for check-in.. but we decided to visit my brother's family soon...

"I just can't wait.."...

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