Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Week long Wild west coast trip..

I know I haven't been blogging like I should be... But I have a wonderful excuse this time.. We were on a trip to West Coast last week and Oh Man!!!! It was just awesome... :) An awesome and tiring week long break for both of us.. This blog is to summarize our west coast trip events to cherish the wonderful, beautiful and romantic moments.. :)

Day - 1:

We went to LAX... Drove to SFO from there..

Day - 2:
Saw Golden Gate bridge from all angles (I mean, Seriously!!!).. Then to Bonita Lighthouse.. Enjoyed the hot summer.. Then to NAPA valley... Almost fainted there with the mild wine scent.. But enjoyed the landscaping.. Then to University of California @ Berkeley.. Then to 1 Infinite Loop to Apple Company to put down Sel's craziness.. -- GRIN --.. Few poses here and there... Then to Google (I know.. Sel went crazy with all the major corporates!!!).. Visited Stanford University on the way (WHY? To take pictures... SEL!!!! Wanna kick you now for making all these stops!!!)

Day - 3:
Drove to LAX via Pacific Coast Highway... Enjoyed the seaside view.. Pictures here and there!!! :)

Day - 4:
We went to a temple in Calabasas.. Then we drove to see the Hollywood sign.. YES!! The famous Hollywood sign.. Went to Griffith Park from there. As a New Yorkie we missed central park.. So we decided to make it up for that!! :) Then instead of going around the corner to Universal Studios, we drove almost half an hour to Anaheim.. Don't ask me why.. But, Sel created his imaginary Universal Studios in Anaheim!!! -- SIGH --
Enjoyed the tour inside the studios... It was a very realistic and mind blowing tour.. Spent the evening in Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.. Enjoyed the rich, bright, big houses there.. Ogled their rich bungalows... hmmmm!!!.

Day - 5:
A long drive to death valley national park ( was really a land of extremes... Drove past the sand dust area when the sand particles hit the car like hail stones.. Saw sand dunes.. History of this park amazed us.. Enjoyed the wonderful view of "Artist's palette" where the natural rock looks just like a palette with different colors.. Aahhhh... Got a chance to appreciate God's creation once again.. Then to Badwater basin which had a whole lot of salt and was hit by those while in the basin.. In the evening, started off to Las Vegas...

Day - 6:
Checked in the hotel.. Dozed offff... :)

Day - 7:
Went for a long walk in Las Vegas Blvd.. REALLY!!! A very long walk for almost half a day... Saw all imitations of Eiffel Tower, Brooklyn bridge, Liberty Statue, Eiffel Tower. and a beautiful fountain work in Bellagio, big buildings that belonged to Caesar's palace.. My oh my!!! Such a rich and bright city!!!! Went to the Stratosphere tower.. View wasn't great as the building was on a corner.. But it was worth it in a way that they gave us a slot machine card - for FREE!!! :)

Day - 8:
Saw Hoover Dam on the way to Grand Canyon.. Canyon is supposed to be HOT, Isn't it!!! Surprisingly snow visited them a day before.. So, it was cold.. This is to cold weather - "I HATE YOU".. Enjoyed the canyon view though it was very cloudy in most of the parts..Snaps here and there!!! :)

Day - 9:
Spent the entire day in gambling.. Won some... @ night, went to Eiffel Tower to enjoy the Bellagio fountain work.. Tried different roulette machines till 2 am... Had fun and that's the whole point, right!!!

Day -10:
Got up late... Drove all the way to LAX... (yeah!! we had our flights to NJ from LAX @ 11.59 pm).. Didn't go directly to airport but to Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach (Sel wanted to go to these beaches as he had this idea that the famous Hollywood people take a dive there... Yeah!! I know what you think!!! But yet, Love you loads Sel.. Bless you for making me stop in all those not-at-all-worthy places like this dirty beach).. Tiredness from the entire week's driving (we drove 2500 miles in a week) just put us to sleep the minute we occupied the seats in flight..

Had wonderful dreams about the places we visited and the fun we had during the trip.. I am sure I must have left the smile on my face even while I was sleeping.. :)

For the past 10 days, we enjoyed each and every nanosecond.. Had loads of fun.. Took lots of pictures.. Sel and I enjoyed the trip to the core..

"Thank You" Sel for planning such a wonderful trip and for all the wonderful, marvelous time in Wild West Coast!!


  1. hope u both enjoyed throughly...Awesome presentation of the blog.Really good job.

  2. Amazing pictorial representation of the places you have visited. Really great for people who are on a trip to the west coast ;).

  3. @ Jyothi - Thanks for the comments.. I'm glad that you liked my blog..

    @ Alex - are you plannin on any trips!!! Sel & I can be your tripadvisors... *smiles*