Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First day at work..

Much awaited day for Sel and I... That is because of me as I'm going to be working after a long time... YES!! Today was my first day at work..

I can tell you that I was quite excited and tensed about the first day.. It will be there for everyone, right!!! Soooo, I got up early and was getting ready.. But still wanted to scream to express my excitement.. But that isn't possible as Sel was sleeping after a long WORK night.. So updated my facebook silently with the same super excitement.. Then, prepared breakfast and packed lunch ..

After a nice breakfast of 1/3 cup of oatmeal, started to office.. I got a chance to drive our new Audi too.. FINALLY!!!! ** with Sel on the side when we go out, it's very difficult to get a chance to drive Audi, you know!!!! Yeah.. He just adores it **

Reached office well before the time they had asked me to come.. That's the joining day's special edition - enthusiasm.. Tried my level best to rub on on my enthusiasm to almost everyone there **grins**
I have NEVER seen so many scientists or lab people in one place.. Ahhhh.. By the way, I'm Senior Materials Scientist ** feels shy **

Had fun filling out papers... Didn't complete those though... Decided to take those home and put in a request to Sel for his assistance as he is really good in all such things ** hugs **
Then read about what I'm going to be working on for sometime... Then started from office..

It took almost 40 - 50 minutes to reach home.. but I enjoyed the ride.. Felt just like what Tony Stark said in Iron Man 2 movie, It's good to be back!!!


  1. All the best Gee !! Keep your enthusiasm in all the days to come...

  2. Congratz and Wishes Geetha.....

    And, whats this... Selva wishing here and You hugging him here...home is for that... hahaha....:)

  3. Hey Vasanth.. Thanks for the wishes.. You wouldn't believe if I tell you that he wrote the comment while I was sitting next to him *grins*