Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday night special!!!

Eating good food is a great sign of healthy living (of course it's not true if you eat french fries and cheese sticks!!! I'm talking about healthy food, OK??)..

And this comes from me as I had a wonderful lunch today.. Felt so happy the moment I opened the lunch box.. Filled my gullet with my lunch for the next 10 minutes and then there it was.. An empty lunch box!!! ~God bless me~

OK.. This is what happened.. I went home early yesterday as I started early from office.. I decided to cook something special for Sel.. ~hugs~

For the past 8 months, I have been dotty about "cooking".. Not that I disliked cooking before, but I never knew I liked it so much either.. If I decide to shop for groceries, then lets just put it this way, God save my wallet!!!

Dinner used to be ready by the time Sel comes home from office and we always had very early dinners... I know he has been missing that for the past 1 week.. So, decided to prepare some nice ragi idly and tomato chutney for him.. As soon as I reached home, started working on the batter.. As it was my own recipe, didn't have any difficulty in putting things together.. I got to say that I did an awesome job of Peas Ragi idly!!! Also, the chutney was at it's best.. It was a bit spicy but tolerable!!! And, the best part was that the food was ready by the time Sel came home.. ~feeling happy about that~

We had a nice and healthy dinner... ~thinking how fun it is to cook~

Today, came home at the usual time today.. Sel was watching Avatar movie in Blu-ray ~doesn't really understand why he is so crazy about such movies~

He also prepared a nice strong coffee for me.. ~Ahh.. My love~

Thought of cooking something for snacks.. But didn't have anything except the leftover idlies from yesterday.. Made upma out of that.. ~I know.. I'm on a roll.. ha ha~ I'm also glad that Sel liked it...

Then boiled eggs for egg kurma.. Egg kurma was originally planned for dinner tonight and also for lunch tomorrow.. But Sel interrupted the plan to prepare a nice, hot fish curry... NOW, I'm not complaining about that at all.. It just overrode all my dishes!!!! ~grins~ As we ate it so fast, I wasn't able to take pictures... ~scratches her head with a thought that Sel should cook very often from now on... ha ha ha~

See, I removed all yolks from eggs... Because they are high in cholesterol!!!! Yeah... NOW, That's what I meant by Good Food in the beginning...
~walks in to kitchen to pack the kurma for next day's lunch~

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