Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dude's Wedding..

From Anna Garlin Spencer:
"The friendship between a man and a woman which does not lead to marriage or desire for marriage may be a lifelong experience of the greatest value to themselves and to all their circle of acquaintance and of activity; but for this type of friendship both a rare man and a rare woman are needed".

Isn’t it a beautiful statement!!

It's very true because friendship needs commitment. No false promises in there!!!
Today I remembered that commitment and comfort from a crazy friend of mine. Is it because it's his wedding!! Maybe... ~smiles~
Let me introduce you to ~Drum rolls please~ “Dude”.

He is getting married to a beautiful bride, Nands. I haven't had a chance to talk to the bride, but we have shared a couple of emails and from all I know, she is a great person. At times, they share different opinions and it's cool to watch them express their thoughts. All I got to tell is that she completes him. And God bless the beautiful couple..

Now, rolling back the time machine to how it all started!!

That was the time I joined Weber. Dude was in other department. I was looking to buy cars at that time. So, I was asking people about cars they have & questions to be posed while buying cars. That’s it. This dude spoke not just for 5 - 10 minutes. For almost 30 minutes!!! 30 minutes of just his experience!! His everyday fight with the broken car he is driving!! How mean and cunning his seller was!!! What was his feeling when his car almost broke down on a highway!!! How bad he wanted to hurt the seller!!
I mean. COMMON!!!! Give me a Break!!! (Felt like throwing something on him just to shush him. REALLY!!)
Decided never to go to his cubicle again or to talk to him!!! And Yet... Here we are.. After almost 3 years... As Friends.. As Dear Friends..

Kumz, my other friend, was very close to Dude. So our friendship developed and it blossomed into a wonderful thing when the team grew bigger. It was just fun, fun and more fun. We were uncontrollable! All of us (except Dude) had one common thing - to pull Dude's leg and believe me, we never felt bad about that!!!

And this is how we are. Against each other.. Most of the times!!!
This friendship is not just about all our merry-go-round events. I have seen him go through a very tough phase, during which we all promised to stay together and support each other, like no one could ever imagine!!!! That was the time when we all actually became close. And that was the time when each one of us realized how important the other person is in our life!!! But, I got to tell you that after all that happened; I really admire this dude - For his courage and confidence were just above the bar!!! ~God bless you~

He is NOT-A-VERY-BEST-ENTERTAINER but still keeps the ambience very lively. I admire his frankness (to be true he is too frank for others to accept him).Yeah. He speaks a lot about burping and his stomach malfunctions than anything else.!!! But who cares!!!

He is THE best yapper and the worst rapper I have ever seen in my life. But still who cares!!! He is just a wonderful person.
He is a friend in need!!!! Even now, he calls me almost every now and then to make sure that everything is ok by my side and that I have all the updates from his side.

Unforgettable are:
* Those days when he used to take us out for a walk or to starbucks just for a 15 minutes break!! ~what a break it was from work~

* our Saturday breakfast in Panera!! ~Nostalgic~ * our little meaningless fights and screams!!! ~YOUUUUU!!! Idiot~
* his cooking turns and the world famous, Bisibelabath!! ~Bless~

* those evenings when he called us, while on the way to home, to prepare a special masala tea for him!!! ~You lazy bug~

* those moments when he talked bad about a person famously known as "B"!! ~Can he even use that word?? I guess not!!!!~

* those special days when he talked about his workout sessions during his 10th grade and all about his biceps and triceps and 6-pack!! ~did you even listen to what you were saying!!!~
* those mornings when he used to throw his advice (even though we made it clear to him, almost zillion times, that no one is listening!!!) about the office and work!!!
* His emails with a sign AWK meaning Alex Wachowski as a result of his bizarre attachment to Matrix movie series ~Gawd… dude!!~

* The expressions when he talked about how he lost almost 3000 bucks to an auto driver and his family (ofcourse, they threatened him!!!) in Chennai ~Can anyone be this dumb!!! Maybe!! Chuckles~
Or, How can I ever forget his flying visit to our place with his parents and all the fun we had or a special 4 lbs sweet box all the way from TX!!!

Even a quick thought of all these moments brings a smile. Those Wonderful, beautiful, crazy, don’t-really-care-about-what-others-think, emotional moments are countless. Dude!! I have saved them carefully so it can be cherished forever and ever!!

I'm not saying he is my sweet buddy all the time. There are days when I feel like throwing him from top of the Eiffel Tower - But let’s just leave it at that!!!! I'm sure you got the point!!! ~thinks of all such moments and smiles~

But putting all those aside, I am glad that I share a special gift of friendship with this wonderful (and crazy) dude!! I miss being there on this special day, Dude!!

On this day, I wish my wonderful friend, Dude and Nands a very happy, fun-filled, lovely and wonderful, married life.
May God be with you during all those "differing opinion" moments to save you!! *smiles*
~ Bless you both.. Hugs ~


  1. really interesting to read da... great experience... and it is about friends that we have a lot to share na... u look gorgeous in that salwar... beautiful....

  2. Thank you very much. This really blew me off. Very well written. N conveys her thanks as well. However, please put another pic of mine. I look like s**t :)

    I hope we can meet up soon with you and Sel.

  3. @ Soumi.. Thanks for the comments dear..

    @ Alex.. Appreciate the comments!! By the way, looks are not from the photo, dude!! It's from the face that's posing.. ~grins~

  4. hey Geetha,
    Very sweet article. Honest thoughts about Alex. That's what defines true friendship. The photo says it all :)
    We missed you at the wedding. Everything went according to plan. I am looking forward to spending my life with this crazy dude of yours :)
    Hope to meet you and Selva sooner rather than later.

  5. @ Nands.. CONGRATS dear.. AND, WELCOME to the wonderful club.. :)
    Thanks for the comments.. I'm glad you both had time to read it..
    Don't you worry about him, I'm here to protect you.. :)