Sunday, May 9, 2010

To THE BEST MOM in the universe..

To the person, whom I love dearly..

I pray God everyday for many things in the life... Of which 3 prayers remain constant.. First one is for Sel & I, second one is for my mom & dad and third one is to bless all the family members, friends and enemies around (strange to pray for enemies, is it!!! but I got different plans for them.. so it's up to God to protect them from my evil plans.. --Villainy laughter--)

I was just drifted away today morning with all my childhood thoughts and those very special days with my MOM!!!

Though my mom was working (And believe me, those crazy people gave her a very hard time because of her strict and straightforward nature against a bribe community!!! ohh... by the way, they are in my enemies list too...), I never missed her as a stay-at-home mom as she was there for me all the time..

Those childhood days when I used to ask her how special I am.. With all the patience in the world (because I used to ask her this question at least once a day as I really liked the Feel Special emotion), she used to tell me different stories on how she diligently prayed God to have a beautiful daughter (yep!!! that's me.. **smiles**) and how God gave her different choices of baby and how she chose a baby that just fits my description and how happy she was when I came to this world.. Love you mom for your witty imagination and lovely stories..

Those days when I used to see her wait for the bus to go to her office while I walk to my school.. Those flying kisses and hugs... How much I will be wanting to see her everyday during those days... Love you mom for the way you taught me that expressing love to your loved ones is a "feel-good" feeling..

Those wonderful and sunny Saturdays, when she used to take me to Main Guard Gate (that's a shopping place in Trichy, India) and get me everything I asked for.. Her gift to me on those days used to be "Vegetable Briyani" and masala milk (with all the pistachios, almonds, cashews and raisins) from Vasantha Bhavan restaurant - that is only if I do many good deeds Sunday through Friday... (when it comes to food, you should know how I behave.. So I was a very good girl back then..:)).. How I used to wait for those Saturdays as those were our mom-daughter day-out time till my 10th grade... We used to talk about anything and everything.. Love you mom for the frankness and friendliness..

A Saturday when I was practicing for dance at a new place (as my dance teacher chose her home instead of an abandoned school to teach the dance moves).. And how difficult it was for my mom to find this place as it was in the interiors of the town (remember.. those were the days when we didn't have those fancy mobile phones)... Even then, she didn't express her tiredness (of roaming almost an hour and half to find this place) even a bit when she saw her wonderful daughter dancing perfectly for the song... Love you mom for your patience..

All those Tuesdays when I had my Karate class where all the student had to cut their nails (so they don't use their nails to attack the opponent).. and if you bite those (which is gross by the way) then you'll be punished.. (our karate master was an expert in finding whether a nail was bit by teeth or cut by using a nail cutter).. She used to remind me every Monday night to cut the nails.. Love you mom for your dedication to your kid's school activities...

Those scary weekdays when we moved to Chennai in 1996.. Didn't like anything there as it was a new place.. New school, new classmates, new home, new neighbors, new neighborhoods!!! Gawd...Everyone abhors too many NEW things in life, isn't it.. I was no exception... My mom helped me overcome the hatred feeling and start enjoying my life even in a new place.. How she used to meet my teachers and get excuses on my behalf.. Love you mom for all your support..

Some Saturday in 1996, when our Doctor told that I had jaundice and that I should be eating only low calorie foods... She gave up all her tasty food menu so I wouldn't miss them so much (yeah!!! I took foods without oil and foods that were easy to digest like yogurt and greens, no coffee/tea, no sugar, no coconut, no dhall, etc.,!!! Don't worry.. the Doctor is on my enemies list too.. ** grins**).. Love you mom for never hesitating to give up anything for your kid's sake...

How she used to wait outside for me during my board exams and be the first one to know how I performed on all those exams... Love you mom for waiting there during those difficult exam times...

On Aug 22, 1999 - when my folks and brother left me at the hostel to pursue my undergrad.. My dad and brother were just fine while my mom started pouring out tears like a baby who's toy was taken away... Love you mom for all the emotions which you never cared to hide..

On my graduation day in 2003, when I missed her so much as she was miles and miles away in USA... and how much she must have missed being there to see her daughter graduate... Love you mom for your special wishes even when you were miles away...

One crazy Thursday in July 2003, when I was crying for some silly thing with the way things turned out with my graduate studies and the way she consoled me saying that things happen for good and that patience & perseverance is very important in one's life and that those characters will be rewarded.. Love you mom for all the wonderful advice that helped me to pull myself together..

How much she supported me to pursue my graduate studies... Love you mom..

That special day in January of 2006, when I told her about my special love and the way she lost her night's sleep (While I was next to her sleeping without any problem..) worrying whether my dad would agree to this special love of mine!!! And when he did agree, the way she expressed her emotions... Love you mom...

That wonderful day in December of 2008, when Sel came to my home to visit my parents.. Obviously I was nervous but she gave that comfort feeling which even made Sel feel at-ease and at home... Did I tell you that my parents asked him so many questions but those are all just to make sure that everything is good for their daughter... and I still remember the way my mom expressed her thoughts about Sel that he is very kind and polite and that she is very glad about her new son "with her usual smile"!!!... Love you mom for being there for me at all times..

All the days when she offers a special prayer to all gods while only a few minutes ago I would have told her about something I am desperately wanting to have...

These are just a few to list... I remember each and every day of my childhood as there is no such day when I didn't feel so special...

To all those days in the past years and to all those wonderful days and years yet to come, To my wonderful MOM, WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY...
All those footprints on the sands of our time will be cherished forever and ever....
Love you loads and tons... *hugs and kisses*

Dad .. Now you just have to wait for the next Father's day to read about how much your daughter loves you and those special father-daughter moments.. I'm sure you remember each and every second of those.. **hugs** .
**love you too dad - for everything**


  1. Wow!! Hope your mom has read the same

  2. yes.. she did and she told me that she doesn't have enough words to express her feelings.. :)