Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Warm Weekend...

Last weekend was amazing.. JUST AMAZING!!!! It was wonderful to catch-up with friends here and there about random topics.. It just gave us enough energy to start the week!! ~Thinking about all good times with friends over the weekend & sighs~

Saturday, we had invited Mr & Mrs. JB. We had a very nice lunch (of course I cooked it!!) and spoke a lot about whats up.. what’s happening with you!! kinda stories!!. They are going to move to another continent soon.. Will surely miss the once-in-a-while catch-up sessions which is always accompanied by loads of laughter.. Here’s wishing them all the very best in all they wanted to do..

Then, watched Harry Potter – Chamber of Secrets!! Though we had asked for Harry Potter - Sorcerer’s stone, Netflix didn't really care to send us what we wanted!! But that doesn’t stop us, right!! So we watched the movie anyways.. It was wonderful.. Do they still say that these types of movies are for kids!!! I doubt.. It’s so enthralling and mesmerizing that even elders would want to be a part of Harry Potter’s gang… Isn’t it true??

After coming out of Harry Potter’s world, we decided to go to a mall.. AND, I got so many things!!! ~grins~ Sel didn’t even bother to say NO…. How sweet!!… Aahhhh…. Love you Sel.. Thank you for all the it’s-time-to-renew-the-closet gifts.. ~hugs~

Then, On Sunday we went to Sel’s friends home.. Mr & Mrs. DP.. They had a smart kid who loves cars & Ice-age movie stuff.. He was one of the best entertainers we had!!!.. We really enjoyed his company and Sel enjoyed his good-old-talks..

After a nice stomach-warming lunch (Thanks to Mr & Mrs. DP for the special lunch), Sel & I came home. Decided to catch-up with Ganesh & SR.. SR & I had so much fun talking about everything from how I drowned in 3 ft water to how happy she is to move to her hubby’s place to our extraordinary intake of sugar.. AND MORE and more.. just over a cup of coffee and some nice hot potato bajjis.. She is going to move too.. I am, for sure, going to miss all our giggly talks!!! ~sighs again~

I HATE GOOD-BYES..!!! ~feels irritated about having to say good-bye to dear friends~

Then Ganesh & SR left.. Sel and I were ready, like never before, to watch our favorite TV series LOST’s finale show!!! In my opinion, the series ended well!!! Not that they answered all the mysteries we all had, but it was good!!!

To people who are non-LOSTians, it's a TV series that revolves around few selected passengers, from a flight, who crash into a Mysterious Island.. Island - Where no one comes to rescue them because it’s nowhere in the map & has the ability to disappear with the touch of very few buttons or a wheel spin!!.. Island - where they see a strange killer (in a form of black smoke).. Where they fight for survival.. and WHERE everything is a mystery.. Few try hard to get out of the island to get back to their routine life.. Few try hard to stay in the Island because they realize that it has strange powers!! Irrespective of their thoughts, they are trapped in the island and eventually find out that the flight crash is not an accident and it was all planned!!!

Then amidst all this, they had few episodes with time-travel, yin-yang type of good guy-bad guy story, electromagnetism, tragedy, romance, comedy, jealousy, ego issues, soul travel, spiritual!!! You name it.. they had it in there!!

We will miss you LOST series!!! This is for you - A picture from our Hawaii trip...

Now, if you ask me, Do you enjoy watching such series!! I would say ABSOLUTELY, TRULY YES!!!

If you ask me, Is it really worth it!!! - I'm just gonna ignore your question..

I guess it doesn't hurt to have a few time-travel, parallel universe & physics sessions as part of your entertainment kit!!! No?? What say!!!

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