Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sundays are just awesome..

Got up a bit early (by early, I mean - compared to my all previous Sundays!!).. Sel and I were planning to go to Tennis court today.. But right now, he is talking to his colleagues about some office issue while here I'm just enjoying the sunny day with a cup of coffee and listening to Daniel Bedingfield's
Gotta get thru this .. *thinking how lucky are few people to REALLY enjoy their Sundays.. Awww.. Poor Sel!! *

Had a wonderful week last week.. Enjoyed my office work (OK.. it's just not the first week's smitten feeling, but I really enjoyed learning new things).. Can't wait to start my Monday with all new assignments..
*looking through the window glancing at the shining sun*

We spent our Saturday with our wonderful friends Mr & Mrs. S, their two kids and Mr.S's mom.. They came all the way from Maryland to
see us and to go to a temple in NY (OK.. that's not entirely true!!! Sel and Mr. S love the special Indian foods at the temple's canteen, that's the main reason!!)

I was asked NOT to prepare anything as they didn't want to eat anything before their big feast.. But yet, I prepared some Veggie cutlets.. Sel loved it as the entire food had only 1 tsp oil (and we all know how health freak he is!!).. Prepared some heart-shaped cutlets to for Sweetie (Mr & Mrs. S's daughter).. We all had a bite and to please your eyes, here you go!!!

And more..

Then we all prayed real good in the Temple and went to canteen (Remember!! that's the main purpose!!).. When I saw the food I just remembered our Friday dinner (in an Indian restaurant where I overstuffed myself with a new curry dish and felt uncomfortable for a long time after that *i was just like a python after a heavy meal and felt so irritated about the feeling. grrrrrr*) and promised myself to STOP when I really want to stop... I even packed 1/4th of my food as I stopped eating the moment I felt full.. *pats on my shoulder for the beautiful self-control thing*

Though the distance to our home from the temple is just 30 miles, it took us almost 2 hours to come home because of the traffic.. We all spoke about everything from our recent West coast trip to their
well planned and about to take-off Disney trip to the crime rate in LA to the visitors who were taking pics of we really didn't know in streets of NY and to the Hanuman Chalisa..

Isn't it a wonderful thing to talk to kids about their favorite Dora or Sponge bob and to elders about their Devotional interests just to see the shooting spike in their interest rate!! Sel and I really loved it as Mr & Mrs. S are our favorite couple.. *hugs*

Now, we just have to wait for our next Baltimore trip.. *Sighs*

Have a smooth Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!!!
*goes to kitchen to eat left-over cutlets... hmmm ... What a bliss!!!*

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